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HCMG101 Health Care System

Published : 24-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


As a current or future healthcare administration leader, you will likely be involved in the generation of various reports, memos, and briefs for the board of your health services organization. Much like a business analysis case or other formal presentation, Executive Briefs are meant to capture pertinent information to help solicit decision-making and leadership strategies. For health services organizations, Executive Briefs should highlight implications for healthcare delivery and promotion of positive health outcomes as it concerns healthcare policies and law.

For this Assignment, select a health services organization for which you currently work or one with which you are familiar. Then, consider how the implementation of the ACA might impact the key operations of the health services organization you selected. Consider how your health services organization’s strategy may change based on the implementation of ACA. Think about some recommendations you might make to the board of your health services organizations in order to adhere to ACA mandates.

Describe the health services organization you selected and explain why.
Explain how implementation of the ACA might affect how your health services organization performs key operations to include: financial, operational, and clinical components for health care delivery.
Describe two recommendations to the board of how the implementation of ACA will be reflected in your health services organization’s strategy. Be specific and provide examples.


American Public Health Associations, APHA, is an organization that is in coordination with all its members and both regional and state affiliates. It works with the people who make main decisions that shape public policies in order to deal with public health problems being faced today. These health concerns include making sure there is easy access to health care for the highest percentage of the population, providing ways for funding of the important services and programs in public health and doing away with health disparities.

 Apart from those already mentioned APHA also works on more critical issues in public health that includes but not limited to food safety, preparedness for an emergency, proper nutrition and hunger, the infrastructure of public health, issues of environmental health and change of climate, international health, tobacco control and control of diseases.

They have policies that are relevant to public health improvement. For example, access to oral health and integrated medical services by possibly everyone and protecting general human health by finding ways to reduce human exposure to the harmful chemicals. Another policy is opposing the immigration policies which require a person to have HIV tests in order for the foreign people to be considered for employment and lastly, increasing the minimum wage in order to increase public health just to mention but a few.

The affordable care act (ACA) is a healthcare law which was enacted in the year 2010 in March. The law was meant to enable the lower income people to get access to quality medical services all through the United States; the implementation process is still underway and has not begun in some states (Payson, 2014).

The implementation may have both positive and negative effects on the health service organization. The implementation, first and foremost looking at the positive effects is that it will improve public health which is an objective of the organization. This means the implementation of the ACA will help the organization realize one of their goals (Fetcher, 2014). A good example of this is the PCMC program that pays physicians well in order for them to monitor their patient’s health more closely.

The implementation of the ACA will make it possible for a huge number of patients to access health services. This may result in hospitals getting a larger number of patients which may, in turn, reflect positively on the revenue. This will be a positive effect for the health organization as the organization will get more profits and funding form a large number of patients. The more the patients admitted the more the revenue. This will boost the organization financially.

In view of this large number of patients, the organization will need more workforces as well as to train the already existing workforce to deliver the needed services (Fitcher & Mercatus Center, 2014). The ACA requires a close contact with the public to identify their health problems so as to provide the exactly needed health services and with quality delivery. In order to achieve this, the organization will need a larger workforce. This is a negative effect as it will force the organization to spend more money on acquiring more workforces.

The health organization might need to reorganize their operations because the ACA demands a lot of teamwork in order to achieve highest quality health services. A good example is organizing for physicians and nurses to work together in an integrated way (Langabeer & Helton, 2016).The implementation may also affect the organization negatively, in the long run, owing to the fact that it might later result in fewer admissions in the hospitals (Payson, 2014). For example, the people that are taken close care of by physicians in the different medical homes will have great health improvement leading to lesser people being admitted to hospitals and those admitted taking fewer days in the hospitals and even fewer visits by outpatients. This will negatively affect the revenue of the organization.

I would recommend that the organization includes buying of insurance companies to the strategic plan to deal with the effects of the implementation of ACA. This will boost the revenue of the organization as more people are interested in getting insurance especially the Medicare and the Medicaid.

The organization should plan for increasing workforce in different phases. This will ensure that they don’t experience too much pressure by trying to get a huge number of employees in a short period of time. The organization should also seek the help of government for funds to be used for further training of the already employed workforce. This is because they will be expected to take up more tasks are responsibilities because of how the ACA demands quality health services.


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