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GMS CI 675 Designing Clinical Research Studies

Published : 04-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Discussion: The Recruiting Process

How many times have you, or has someone you know, perused jobs on, LinkedIn or a clinical listserv? When browsing employment opportunities, what factors motivate you to apply for one position over another?

As a nurse manager, it is critical that you consider the answers to questions such as these when designing your recruitment process. Identifying the approaches applicants use to find jobs can help you broaden your pool of applicants. In addition, knowing how to create accurate job descriptions to advertise for open positions can increase the chances of finding an applicant that is qualified and exhibits skills that you and your workplace desire.

In this Discussion, you examine the process in which a health care organization engages when attempting to recruit qualified and desirable job candidates.



The recruitment process is fundamental in attaining an effective workforce. At Baton Rouge General Medical Center (BRGMC), the following process must be adhered to during recruitment.

Vacancy establishment

A vacancy must be established either when an employee leave or a new post is created. The concerned department manager then fills an establishment form which is then sent to the Human resource manager. A copy of the form should be sent to the finance department as well (Markey, 2012). The HR manager then analyses the necessity of the post before moving on with the recruitment.

Some of the issues that the HR manager has to review are;

  1. If the new duties could be allocated to the current staff instead of employing a new staff member.
  2. Considering a part time employee for the new post.
  3. And, job evaluation to ascertain that the job description does not conflict with the current duties of the existing employees. The evaluation also assists the manager in establishing the pay rate for the new position (Lussier, 2016).  


The HR manager then writes an advert on the job description for the new post which is then sent to the concerned Department manager for approval. Upon the approval, the advert is published and posted internally for the internal staff to apply for the new post. After one week the advertised post is made public (Mathis & Jackson, 2013).


The next step in the recruitment process in shortlisting the applicants. According to the BRGMC’s recruitment guidelines, the HR manager should shortlist the candidates against job description, person’s qualification, experience, and skills. The manager should avoid using personal opinion at all cost.

Any applicant who lacks essential specification as captured in the Job specifications advert should not be shortlisted. Candidates with additional specifications that might be of benefit to the post and the Healthcare besides the specified qualification must be given a first priority (Markey, 2012).

However, it should be noted that the shortlisting process is done by a panel and not the HR manager alone. Copies of the application forms received are sent to the panel to compare them against the shortlisting criteria. Shortlisting must only be done against the established criteria (Mathis & Jackson, 2013).

The list of the shortlisted candidates is then sent to the Human resource department. The shortlisting must not exceed two weeks from the last date when the application was closed.

The HR manager then schedules interview dates and venue. A request should be made to the finance department to allocate finances and resources required during the interviewing of the successful candidates. HR manager must also send letters to the unsuccessful candidates to acknowledge their participation in the recruitment process. Successful candidates are then invited for interviews (Lussier, 2016).

According to the BRGMC’s recruitment laws, a member of the shortlisting panel who is aware that someone related to them has applied for the position should declare it and withdraw from the selection process i.e. interviewing. The step is included to maintain the objectivity of the recruitment process as well as avoiding favoritism of family members and close friends.


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