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FSE 225 Legal Aspects of Fire Protection and Safety

Published : 16-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


 Fire department managers sometimes must correct members to deter them from repeating past problem behavior. In today's legal system, fire departments that discipline employees, may, if challenged, have an obligation to prove that they made affirmative efforts to rehabilitate those employees before reaching an ultimate decision to terminate.  Comprehensive and accurate personnel records can be very helpful in the defense of a civil suit.  Construct a tough but fair letter of discipline, bearing in mind that your final product could possibly constitute a legal document.

Before you begin to write your letter of discipline, take time to read all of the included documents in order to surmise the severity of the offense.  

This assignment is totally open book, and you may refer to any other templates and materials, either hard copies or electronic, to formulate your letter.


The central aim of this letter is to bring to your attention that the management is aware of the egregious conduct that you have notoriously demonstrated at work and you have since eroded its patience. We appreciate that you are a diligent and determined employee of the company. As a matter of fact since you commenced work in this company we are confident to aver that you manifested competence and great skill in all your activities on behalf of the company. However, the management is committed to promote plausible ethical practices and conduct within the company.

The management therefore regrets to inform you that you have been suspended for two weeks without pay and shall be denied all the favors you enjoy as an employee of this company. Your character is outlandish and unacceptable. The nerve of the reasoning behind the actions that we shall take is premised on the fact that you are putting the reputation of the company at risk. You behavior and conduct is threatening the peaceful relation of employee in the company.

  • You have persistently exuded illicit conduct that is not only permitted by the code of ethics and conduct of the company but it is unlawful and the employment laws of United States. The company’s action is predicated on the following ground;
  • You have contravened the Gung-Ho Fire Department Employee Handbookwhich was availed to you upon being employed by consistently cyber bulling your colleagues, conduct that is actionable in a court of law.
  • You have offended regulation 567 of the Gung-Ho Fire Department Manual of Rules and Regulations that prohibits cyber bulling, discrimination and harassment. You have repeatedly been found culpable of discrimination of sex, ancestry and race encapsulated under this regulation.
  • Your incessant illicit actions against Purple Priscilla satisfy the definition of harassment of the Gung-Ho Fire Department Harassment Policy #1-2-3 which includes derogatory remarks, ancestry and innuendo.

It bears noting that on 15th March 2012 you were served with a notice from my office following your behavior of harassment and use of indecent verbal words against your colleagues. Conversely, Purple Priscilla has recently filed a complaint with a considerable amount of evidence showing that you have threatened her and send incessantly send her incongruous messages through her mobile phone and email. The evidence against you is overwhelming and it has compelled the management to take deliberate disciplinary actions against you. However, it is imperative to note this letter serves as the last warning to you and in the event you commit any other illicit conduct contrary to our rules, regulations values and laws of United States severe actions including immediate termination shall be taken against you.

Kindly bear in mind that the interest of the company is should be the primary objective of all the employees in the company. Above all, the company will not countenance the conduct of one individual will to tarnish its name. We expect that you exude the acceptable conduct and practices in future.

The management is kindly requesting for your respectful cooperation.



Bull McCafferty

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