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ENGLISH 22 Composition and Language

Published : 21-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Writing your own "Advice to Youth."
Deliver a speech on how to survive high school similar in tone to the humor and sarcasm Twain employs in his "Advice to Youth."


High school can be an intimidating experience for youths and for all those who are going to start their high school, I would like to advice them regarding what to expect at high school so that they can survive in a better way. Firstly, youth entering high school get a very different world to see compared to their schooling days. So, the first advice is that of course embrace new things and new life, but do not forget the reason for which you have come to high school. Always be responsible and focused on your work. Distractions are sure to come, but never indulge too much in it that it may cause harm in the near future. Often in the midst of fun and friends, youth pay less attention to studies and they realized it once they score poorly in their first semester exams. So, be aware of the distractions and yet balance them to stay on the track.

Another challenge that you might experience while entering the high school is adapting to the new school environment. Some may readily accept the environment, however some may fall prey to bullying too. So, what the best step to tackle unfamiliar issues within school?  I would like to say first build your own social network at high school as these groups might be really helpful for you when you face difficulties. In addition, the best opportunity to build such network is the freshman orientation. Never miss this event, it is the best chance for you to meet new people and find people that interest you. You can also get friendly with your seniors and they may acts as a great support for you in the future. First advantage is that they will give the right guidance regarding the culture as well as other trends at high school. Secondly, finding solution to  academic challenges will also become easier for you.

Another common feeling among freshmen is feeling very insecure and uncertain at times. You might be too much worried about your image. There are some youths who are too obsessed with themselves and they always have the insecurities regarding whether they are looking charming or not, are they dressed well. But, remember this things are not that important, you have not come to some profession fashion show. Being presentable and having a pleasant personality is enough for you. Instead of focusing on dressed and fashion sense, you can pay put efforts to feel confident and look confident. In this way, your social groups as well as teachers will be impressed by you. Always believe in your ability and stay ahead in the competition with hard work and full confidence. To survive academically, you also need to respect your teacher and maintain certain decorum in class. Putting efforts to build good relationship with your teachers will also help you to get necessary recommendations while applying to college. Always ensure to participate actively in class discussions too because this make classes interesting and leave a mark on your teachers too. Participation does not mean you need to answer every question, you can have talk with your teacher regarding a topic to make lessons clearer. Having all the above knowledge beforehand will help freshmen to easily survive in high school.

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