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ENG 2300 Film Analysis

Published : 04-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


1. When studying narrative films, it is appropriate to ask if a particular film fits into a specific genre, and to what extent the film fulfills one expectations associated with that genre. In their article on Blade Runner and genre, Doll and Faller describe Scott film as “multi-generic. What to they mean by this? What genres do you think are appropriate to the film and why? 

2. In relation to editing, how does the duration of a shot relate to the rhythm of a scene or sequence? Provide a specific example from one of the films we have screened. 

3. In her article, Designer Genes, Ingrid Wickelgren notes that one of the themes in Gattaca revolves around the nature vs. nurture debate an issue that also appeared in many of the papers on James Whale Frankenstein. Where do these films stand on this issue? Are they in agreement? Or do they differ? Defend your opinion with specific details from the films.


1. The meaning of multi-generic in the context of movies means, if a film cross into multiple genres they are referred to as being multi-generic. The movie, Blade Runner employs genre hybridity and is a combination of science fiction, film noir and police story.

The Blade Runner is a science fiction most importantly because it shows the audience a view of the future. The movie is set in Los Angeles 2019 and returns to many shots of the gothic city. JF Sebastian was surrounded by cyberpets and had accelerated decrepitude. There are flying cars, acid rain, and blocked sun due to pollution. The movie is a film noir as most of the key characters have a form of moral ambiguity, with trust, good and evil, and morality blurred. It is a police-detective story as there are scenes that show the tracking down of escaped replicants. There is following of clues, chasing leads and solving narrative enigmas (Bukatman 2012).

2. Duration of a shot determines the rhythm and pace of a shot, as well as describes scene clearly. It is the job of the editor to clarify the scene and not confuse. Changing the lengths of the shots is changing the pace of scene, by which the editor is guiding the emotional responses of the viewers. Rapid pacing denotes excitement and intensity, whereas, slower pacing makes the scene more thoughtful and relaxed (Dancyger 2014). The editor understands the sequence and decides which shot should go where to have an impact on the audience. Sequences that are of the same length lack rhythm and demands for variation. Rhythm needs to be incorporated intuitively as the audience understands when a film is devoid of rhythm. It is the objective of the editor to make sure the sequence seems seamless (Pearlman 2012).

3. In the movie Gattaca, the ideal DNA genes were decided to be chosen to be regarded as a perfect individual. In the movie, DNA is the determining factor for the jobs and the level of success one would gain. If a person is devoid of these perfect genes then they are looked down upon. In Gattaca, the character of Anton was taken care of and nurtured by his parents. Being nurtured and cared for all through his life, Anton went on to become a detective, whilst his brother Vincent became a janitor as he was considered to be having invalid genes. In the movie Frankenstein both the creator and the creation are subjected two diverse forms of nurturing. Nature argument was the reason behind fall of the creator, was nurture was of the creature (Steen 2013).


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