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EDLDR 575 Ethics in Educational Leadership

Published : 23-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Discuss the key constructs of three theories that could provide a framework for research in your specialization.  Compare and contrast each theory and provide scholarly rationale for which theory is most aligned with your proposed (or School-approved) dissertation topic.  Analyze the implications of your proposed (or School-approved) dissertation research for the advancement of this theory.


Leadership Theories 

There are many challenges arrives in the terms of running any kind of administration so the leadership is important to leads every situation properly, so here some leadership theories(Northouse,2012).

Transformational leadership  

By the transformational leadership people can achieve remarkable and unexpected results (Antonakis, & House, 2013). This transformational theory defines itself as an inspirational theory; leaders are inspiring their employees for achieving goals.

Situational leadership 

Situational leadership define itself as an adaptive process. This leadership process can help to move the leaders to meet the changes (Parris, & Peachey,2013). There many different technique which can incorporate with situational leadership, it’s depends on the environment of the organisation.  

Constructive leadership

By the constructive leadership theory the new approaches are highlighted which helps to developed and evaluated the leadership effectively (Dennis et al.,2010). In this process the learners are unable to take responsibilities of their own education.

Comparison between leadership theories 




In this process the leaders are trying to adapt new changes which can bring success for the organisation. It’s working to change the system.

In this process leaders can move easily to the changes according the current circumstances. It style and changes depend on the organisation’s environment.

In this process the leaders are constructing their own understanding of their reality. It’s working within the system.

Use of transformational leadership theory in an organisation 

When there is a new supervisor arrived in the administration of the healthcare, then he/she must be take some responsibilities for running the administration properly because on it the success of the healthcare is depending, so the supervisor must be understanding the transformational theory which helps him/her to understand the changes which is leads them to the success (James, 2011). If the new supervisor wants to leads properly then he/she must want to know about the factors which are going to change and they should be increasing the capacity and capability of their team.


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