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ECEC 2230 Foundations of Early Childhood Education

Published : 03-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Complete the reading for this assignment with a focus on analyzing and critiquing resources for developing a multicultural classroom. For this assignment, you will develop a toolkit of developmentally-appropriate, multicultural resources by creating a chart in which you critique and analyze the resources you access. 


In the early childhood period, effective cultural mannerism and identity of the multicultural classroom is the way of determining the development of the nation. Irrespective of genre, race, and colors cultural identity is presented in the social aspect. In case of a child, their education and learning process is important for the development of the nation. The anti-bias approach is effective mannerism that is being presented by different organizations and in case of their sustainability, the government sector helps them in a suitable way.

Different organization and their usefulness

Early age child problems and solutions

Name of the Resource

Explanation of Resource

Critique of usefulness of Resource


(Early Childhood Organization Inc)

(Ceasa.asn.a, 2017)

The maintaining and promoting child education is the major duty of that organization. They have professional educators and have two sessions. The learning environment is good and the theory and practice are being done in that sections are quite good and relevant in terms of enhancing the quality of the students.

This organization involves in independent peak body who is working in association with the council of education association of South Australia. Language, mathematics, health and all this communication process are being done by the effective contribution of their involving in children education.


(Early Childhood Australia)

(, 2017)

For the development of the Australian education and for the improved section of high-quality study this national conference had been placed. This is a kind of technological enactment that imposed certain good education process for the development of children.

For the successful behavioral change in education, pattern and model evolvement in education is the quality education up gradation that can be innovated the way of education in an improved way. In case of child education the better finding and better motive that can be introduced by these organizations for boosting the quality of education for the students.  


(Australian Migrant Resource Centre)

(, 2017)

This organization is the leading settlement service of Australia and they work on the developing approach on multicultural assessment in their organization and region. The considerable service excellence and amalgamation of skill and cultural expression is the key holding of such cases.

For the Leadership and participation process, the training and leading engagement increase the opportunity for the employees to maintain the multicultural atmosphere and provide the registered training model to imply over that.


(Special Broadcasting Service)

(, 2017)


(Australian Multicultural Community)

(, 2017)

Government of Australia Immigration and Citizen

These are the organization where greater involvement with the people and their support system will be maintained. The organizations are worked for the betterment of people service and mannerism thus the home care or social activity is being persuaded by the aged care information.

Government establishments are nonprofit organizations and they are working for the better outcome of people and their surroundings. The imposed application and accommodated new streamline help the organization and migration experts to do better impact over the multicultural assessment.

Multicultural change in organization

Curriculum leadership: Readings for developing quality educational programs.

(Parkay, Anctil & Hass, 2014). .

The planning and procedure of education with the applicable theories and concepts on leadership in education are the key findings of this book. The perspective in the contemporary education of children and a possible way of maintaining their education is the key suggestion that can be derived from that book.

In case of technical assistance and certain programs that enhance the education system is the key critique usefulness of that book. By the help of this many suggestions can be derived like how to motivate those students who are being reluctant in education and the process that can improve their training as well.  

Movement and Developmental change

Multicultural movement and developmental change is the key understanding that provides a correct way of motivation to the students. In the early days, appropriate knowledge gathering and suitable path for their future are the key aspects to start their life. Students have not understood the correct way in their education curriculum but presented way by the organization need to be correct so that they can overcome every obstacle in their life.

Anti-bias system and understanding over the developmental change in multicultural classroom function are good and effective as the cultural understanding is being developed by the imposed model and theories selection by the organization for them.


Hence, the writing can be summarized that in the process of learning in early age and maintaining their career in a right way is the key level of change that can be imposed by those organizations. The behavioral change in multicultural improvements and activated stimulation in the textual theme of understanding is notified by the illustration method of entangled the exemplarity. There are different institutions, NGO's those are working on this to overcome the particular situation of generalizing multicultural classroom function and provide acceleration in the early age education system for the establishment of this project.

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Parkay, F. W., Anctil, E. J., & Hass, G. (2014). Curriculum leadership: Readings for developing quality educational programs. Prentice Hall, (2017) Available from [Accessed on 2nd October 2017]

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