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ECE 350 Trends in Early Childhood Education

Published : 05-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


For this assignment, focus on the age group you plan to use for your field experience. Research sample procedures, rules with consequences, and reward systems that optimize time for instruction, allow the learning environment to operate efficiently, create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, and consider a variety of concerns in the early childhood classroom you have selected.
Consider your personal experiences and/or those of your friends or teachers.Summarize two procedures, two rules with consequences, and a reward system that you will use in your future classroom to address common problem behaviors before they happen. 


Early childhood education is key in the determination of the future learning of children as well as their proper understanding and adherence to the bigger societal rules and regulations. As such, it is imperative to have uncanny procedures, rules and reward systems in a kindergarten class. This discourse portrays some few examples of these factors for kindergarten learners.


Putting away, taking out and the general care of supplies: Always share the supplies that are provided for the groups; the glues and markers should be recapped; check the numbers that are written on the supplies to ensure that they belong to the baskets assigned to your group; If anything does not belong to your group, quietly return it to the owner group and inform the teacher that you safely handed the supplies to them (Ababneh, 2012).  

A drill of fire: Stop all that you are doing; stand on your feet and quickly head towards the door, however, do not run or push any of your friends; ensure that your ears are not covered; Do not make any trips besides heading to the door; the chief of fire in the classroom shall take the packet for the fire drill and lead others outside; the class door shall be held open by the second person on the line for others to pass; the outside door shall only be held by the third person for our class and then he/she will be the last one in line; (Dickson & Vargo, 2017)

wait calmly, patiently and quietly outside in line until after we are allowed to resume what we were doing before.

Rules with consequences

Respect your classmates in both your actions and words. The consequence is to be sent to another classroom that has higher qualifications so that you can be taught courtesy by senior learners. When the same mistake is repeated after being sent to another classroom, then your parents shall be called to school for the determination of proper punishment (Dickson & Vargo, 2017).

The class time is strictly meant for class activities. When you are found playing games and carrying toys in class, you shall be grounded for thirty minutes. When the same mistake is repeated, then all your privileges that you might have achieved before shall be stopped and your parents called for explanation (Dickson & Vargo, 2017).

Reward system

Sit at the desk of the teacher for a day or use the chair of the teacher for the entire day when you break the record for following all the rules in class (Kieran, 2017).

Bring your pillow and slippers for a day when you perform well in the tests.

Join the teacher for lunch when you become the best learner of the lesson (Kieran, 2017).

Pick the day’s game for the entire class when you behave well during the previous day in school.

Occupy the first slot in line for the whole day when you are voted the best behaving in class (Kieran, 2017).


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