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CS 1010 Computer Science

Published : 28-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


1: Let us assume that you have antivirus software installed on your computer and it is up to date. You can trust it to do a pretty good job of protecting your computer from what threats? List at least three items, and discuss each one. Also, discuss any of your experiences with antivirus software and updating or protecting your computer.

2: Networks have changed the way we communicate and share resources in a number of ways. Shared resources are a definite advantage of networking. List some benefits and drawbacks of shared resources and information. List some examples of your own life experiences with networks.

3: If you were interested in data analysis, calculations, chart management, data management, and automation of common events, which would be more appropriate to use, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access? Why did you choose the answer you did? This is a trick question, so read the question carefully. Also, discuss any of your experiences dealing with data.

4: Global e-commerce has many trends. Which countries are the top players in the e-commerce market, and how big is the United States' share of the e-commerce pie? Is it increasing or decreasing? How does e-commerce affect developing countries? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a global market? Discuss some of your own experiences with e-commerce.

5: How do you think the information technology industry perceives government regulations? Please justify your response.

6: In your daily life, have you ever created or used a database? What types of tasks can you or have you used with a database? Name some of the information you would include in your database design.

7: Identify a task that you would need to perform in your current or future career , and explain how you would apply the knowledge you have learned in this course to succeed in performing a task in a real-world scenario.


1.Antivirus is installed in computer for various reasons:

  • The main function of antivirus is to protect the computer from the malware which is malicious software which includes Trojans, virus, ransomware which when get in the computer can corrupt the data and files present in the computer, slow the speed of the system and also have ability to lock the important files and data which one can access it after paying the ransom.
  • The other functions of antivirus is it provide real time protection which means that if any file that is copied in the computer it will scan the file for any virus at that moment if the file has virus it will alert the user and will get automatically blocked or else it will accept it the process is called real time protection. It also scans entire files in the computer time to time to avoid any virus to enter in the computer.
  • The antivirus also have automatic updates option where it update the antivirus time to time if the antivirus is out of date then it will fail to detect the new and different kind of virus. So it is necessary for antivirus to be up to date.

A person borrowed Pen Drive from his friend for some work when he attached to his computer the pen drive contained files which has virus thus the antivirus in the computer automatically blocked the files and removed it from the computer thus protecting his computer from virus.

2.With the introduction of networking it has become extremely useful for business as well as individual as they are sharing information and resources with each other. The benefits of shared resource are:

  • Sharing resource is fast and easy thus the information can be shared easily and in less time
  • If a person wants to share the same information to a group of person then he can access multiple devices at the same time and can send the information.
  • Apart from sharing resources and information the person can also share his internet with others
  • The shared resource concept is very beneficial in business purpose as it can be used for small organization or large industries and also reduces cost of sharing information.

Using shared resources have various disadvantages:

  • While sharing resources through network the security of the resource is compromised as there is risk of data theft.
  • If the networking speed is slow then sharing data can be inefficient as it can take longer time therefore the entire process depend on the network speed.
  • Setting up the network is expensive if the organization is large then setting the network can be complex and expensive.
  • If the network is setup the real challenge is to maintain the network and monitor it time to time as the entire process is carried out through it.

An example of network can be the online gaming where various games are connected through a common network and plays at a common platform.

3.Since the problem given contains in data analysis, calculations, chart management, data management, and automation of common events Microsoft excel should be used as the problem contains calculation and Microsoft excel is capable of performing complex calculation. In Microsoft excel user can also input different custom formulas as per the requirement for the calculation. Excel is mostly used in scientific and statistical analysis. Excel also maintains a collection of standard formulas required in calculation

In the science project in which different kind of formulae is used and complex calculation is performed to reach the main objective of the project therefore excel is used to maintain the data, formulas and calculation.

4.With over twelve hundred million users and over one thousand billion estimated market value china is ahead of all the countries in e-commerce market. In the second place is United States with over 250 million users and seven hundred billion dollars estimated market value. The market is expected to rise and to cross over eight hundred billion dollars. Electronic commerce is having a good impact on countries economy and its business and will continue to do so. Electronic commerce growth can have large economic effects on a country in the future through various ways Firstly it has affected the information technology of the country as people are moving towards e-commerce for their needs they are looking for better internet network. Secondly banks and financial services companies are moving towards online payment system which boosts e-trade finance and equity investment which can be regarded as fastest growing e-commerce sectors

Electronic commerce advantage on a global market

  • It is the fastest buying/selling procedure and also makes easy to find the desired product
  • Unlike shops the customer can browse and shop the product at any time and at any place
  • E-commerce doesn’t require a physical business setup all the business are carried online

Disadvantage of e-commerce

  • There are various fake sites which are stealing the people money in name of e-commerce which offers no guarantee of product quality.
  • The whole business of e-commerce us carried online so they are totally dependent on internet.
  • The e-commerce are more prone to cyber attack which can lead to huge loss of money thus they face great challenge to defend themselves from cyber attack

A person decided to buy a watch in Christmas through e-commerce first of all he suffered great difficulty in accessing the product due to huge online traffic, he received the product in a week but when he opened the packet he found there was a stone in place of a watch .he tried to reach the customer care but there was no response.

5.Government regulation has always been hurdle to innovation in any fields especially information technology. There has always been risk in inventing new technology in terms of money. The invention of new technology has also put risk on environment and lives of people which the government is not ready to accept thus restricting on such innovation. The driverless cars which was made by Google and uber has been banned in various countries as they think these car are not yet ready to run on the roads and will create unemployment in the country.

6.A database is defined as a collection of information which is kept in organized way which makes the data easy to access and keep it managed and updated. The data’s are organized into rows, columns and tables, and each row is indexed to make it easier to find desired information. Database is mostly used in companies where they have to store huge amount of data about its employees, product, logistics, and finance. Suppose there is a company which manufactures cars and around one million employees are working under them so they have to maintain personal details of each employee like name, age, address, working days, no of leaves which come under HR section. If they are manufacturing cars then they have to maintain the record of is spare parts of car, no of cars manufactured, no of defective cars which comes under logistics department. In order to manage all these data and to keep them under different sections database is used. Using database the operator can access any information easily and update and modify the particular data without disturbing the whole table.

7.Any company who is successful today in their business is due to its employees as the leader just has the vision and it’s the companies’ employees who work hard to realize his vision. In 2017 alphabet which has major subsidiary Google has been voted as the best company to work for as the result it comes on twenty seventh positions in fortune 500. Therefore a company should assign a management task to its senior employees to keep motivating the employees .The company should satisfy its employee in terms of salary perks leaves which keep them motivated for work if the company want to get the maximum results from their work. Every employee has some motivational factors that can lead him to bring best result for the company which is different for each employee. Therefore a management tasks should be given with the purpose of optimizing motivational processes to maximize employees’ working performances to create and spread motivation is another managerial task.

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