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COMS 251 Interpersonal Communication

Published : 28-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


1: Identify an Exemplary Person

Identify an influential person in your life (influential in terms of interpersonal communication.)

In paragraph form, describe what qualities of communication you admire in that person. (i.e. listening, paraphrasing, eye contact, positive self-image, etc.)  Be specific.  Use examples to illustrate your points.  Describe what communication qualities you have gained or desire to gain from that person.  Be specific.

2:Evaluate How Competent You Are With Others

Determine the roles that you currently hold in life (i.e. son, student, brother, boyfriend, etc.)  Evaluate at least 4 roles.  Make your best estimate of how competent (effective as well as appropriate) others perceive your communication. Next, project yourself forward in time and write a statement about how you would like to be perceived in that role.  Record this information on a chart similar to this:


How I Am Perceived 

How I Would Like to Be Perceived





















3: Identify Possible Areas of Growth

Based on what you stated in Step 2, list in paragraph form, the areas (at least 3) of interpersonal communication you believe you can improve on.  These are areas that you believe directly affect your communication competence, (for example: listening, nonverbal communication, judgment of others, ineffective approach to conflict, self-monitoring behaviors, interrupting, etc.) Look ahead in your textbook to see other ideas for areas to grow.


1:Identify an Exemplary Person

My twin sister is one person in my life who is an inspiration in terms of interpersonal communication. She is a person who is so vocal about her thoughts and her actions are a clear reciprocation of what she is thinking. One positive feature that she has from a very young age is that she is very articulate in nature, which makes it easy for her to make people understand what she is thinking or going through.  She is also very good at framing her feelings in a proper way through the right medium (Parks, Malcolm and Meara). For example: she knows when to meet and talk face to face rather than leaving a text message. She is not very fond of texting important things as she believes that through messages one cannot expresses the feeling associated with it. Once she had mentioned that she does not like to raise her voice as she believes that if someone finds her important or special enough they will listen without increasing the volume of her voice. I admire the way she can easily explain complicated situation, where as I also noticed that she sometimes communicates on the need to know basis (Petrovici, Amalia  and Tatiana).

 2: Evaluate How Competent You Are With Others


How I Am Perceived 

How I Would Like to Be Perceived



I am perceived to be a very introvert and my parents are most of the time worried that I am not speaking my heart out to them.

I would like my parents to know that I am a happy person and they would be the first ones to know if I ever have a problem that I cannot solve on my own.



My sister knows that I share every little details of my life with her and she is one of the support systems of my life.

I love talking to her and sharing my views and problems with her at the end of the day makes me feel relaxed and clam.



My boyfriend knows that if I am texting him, instead of calling then the situation or the problem is serious and he is in serious trouble.

It is difficult for me to express how I feel but it is I would like him to understand that I communicate with him as much as I can.



My introvert nature is evident in my class as well as a student my communication with my teacher is direct and mostly formal in nature.

I want my teachers to perceive me as a student who will come forward if I have an issue with my academic or my career decision (Suhaimi et al.).

 3:Identify Possible Areas of Growth

In the sector of interpersonal communication I have several areas of growth. One of my biggest challenges is that I lose concentration after a point of time. If I don’t listen to others it is evident others will not listen to me and hence I would like to grow my concentration level in listening to people.

One of the brand new ways of communication is the usage of emojies while texting. It is very important to be able to make one person understand the tone, feeling and emotion attached to a particular message which is informal in nature to be able to do that emojies are invented. I think that I lack in the understanding of these emojies and usually use wrong emoji in wrong place. I have encountered several issues because of this confusion (Wood, Clare, et al.).


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Wood, Clare, et al. "Grammatical understanding, literacy and text messaging in school children and undergraduate students: A concurrent analysis." Computers & Education 70 (2014): 281-290.

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