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COM 442 History of Media Technology and Regulation

Published : 28-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


How Telecom Companies Can Win in the Digital Revolution?


Although it is very tough for the telecom companies to win the digital revolution as digitization touches every aspect of a telecom operators business, it is not completely impossible. With the use of different strategic techniques and planned approach, it is certainly possible for the telecom industries to win the digital revolution, considering the fact that it offers as much support and flexibility as digital revolution does. Digital process is a technique that can possibly help in achieving this. The idea of using a real time   360-degree data on individual customers for personalizing the promotion, campaigns and service interventions in the entire customer journey seems effective. This can possibly eliminate the limitations associated with tracking the digital footprints of the customers, and will further help in enhancing the customers’ satisfaction. This is therefore a step forward for achieving and winning the digital revolution.

The idea of using analytics as an effective tool against the digital revolution is intelligent as well. Analytics certainly helps in making better marketing-spend decisions and improving the collections. Apart from this, it will helps in automation of the services. With the increase in complexity and the number as well as the end-user devices, it becomes important for the network operators to react in real time. Analytics play a key role in introducing automation into the network, which includes self-organizing network features. This is therefore, a possible tool that can help the telecom companies on winning the digital revolution.

Since majority of the customers, prefer digital services, e care can be a good option for winning the battle of digital revolution. Researches prove that about 76 percent of the telecom customers are satisfied with the digital only journeys. However, most of the telecom companies are yet to undertake the digital route. This can prove as a drawback in winning the digital revolution. Therefore, the telecom companies should consider switching to e-care platform from the traditional channel in order to have an advantage in the digital war.  The tough times faced by the Telecom companies as the digitalization is reshaping the industrial landscape, can be avoided by adapting to the digital trend.  With this new addition, the Telecom companies can rebuild their market positions with the innovative and user-friendly offerings for the customers. E-care has been proved to be advantageous for the companies who have launched it and therefore, there lies no confusion about this service being advantageous in future as well.

It is quite clear that for the telecom industries to make smart usage of the digital technologies, it needs a wholesome digital transformation; only then, it can win the battle of digital revolution. It is not an easy minor task and therefore requires much research work and knowledge about the different technologies.  This would therefore not be a spontaneous process and would require a considerable amount of time to happen gradually. This is not an impossible task however; it will take a lot of efforts and time to achieve this.


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