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CNT 4004 Computer Networks

Published : 14-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


1.Your boss has read about IPv6 and wants to know whether the network you oversee is ready for the transition. Prepare a response based on the networking and computer operating systems used in your facility.

2.Your company is assigned a CIDR block by your ISP. Your company consists of 5 different networks.
Network A: 50 users
Network B: 26 users
Network C: 12 users
Network D: 10 users

Your job is to create four subnets and allocate enough IP addresses for the users within the network. 


1.The transition of the network from the IPv4 to the IPv6 requires addressing to various network parameters. This also requires adoption of new techniques like the dual stack router method or the tunneling method. This will enable the company to retain their original infrastructure and get IPv6 connectivity. In the dual stack method, a router is fixed at the topology which can communicate with both the IPv6 and the IPv4 traffic (Wu et al., 2013). In a similar way, the existing network can also support the tunneling mechanism. This involves setting up of transit networks in the middle of the communication lines, which converts the IPv4 traffic to IPv6 from the sender and then transmits it. Additionally, this is also used to convert the IPv6 traffic to IPv4 in the receiver side. These methods can be used to adopt IPv6 in the existing networks.

2.For the IP address, the network includes designing of various sub-networks to support the four different offices. This will be achieved by dividing the address among multiple subnet ids. The possible ranges that can be applied in each of the offices are listed in the table.

Subnet Name

Needed Size

Allocated Size



Dec Mask

Assignable Range





/26 -




/27 -




/28 -




/28 -


Matoušek, J., Ska?an, M., & Ko?enek, J. (2013, April). Towards hardware architecture for memory efficient IPv4/IPv6 Lookup in 100 Gbps networks. In Design and Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits & Systems (DDECS), 2013 IEEE 16th International Symposium on (pp. 108-111). IEEE.

Wu, P., Cui, Y., Wu, J., Liu, J., & Metz, C. (2013). Transition from IPv4 to IPv6: A state-of-the-art survey. IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials, 15(3), 1407-1424.

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