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CCJ 351 Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement

Published : 24-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Find and evaluate one crime discussed on that was executed via social media and the police response. Explain the social media that was used. Describe measures that could have been taken to protect against the crime as well as recommendations for law enforcement to develop future action plans. What was the outcome? Is this crime specific to online tools or is technology opening new avenues to perpetrate the same crimes?


Washington State Tries to Crack Down on Cyber Bullying – But Routine Criticism Is Blocked Instead

The one crime that has been discussed in the is ‘Cyber Bullying’ or “Cyber Stalking’. The social media that has been used for the crime of cyber bullying is the internet and other medium through the use of internet. This type of crimes happen when an individual or a group of people with perverted or anti-social minds utilize the most beautiful and helpful technological innovations in the world.

The threat of online provocation can drive many individuals off from communicating their feelings on the web. It's an issue that calls for modern, multi-layered arrangements. In any case, a law in Washington State is showing how some ways to deal with the issue can turn out badly, conceivably hindering the normal feedback of government officials and others that is an indispensable piece of a working majority rules system. EFF and the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington have recorded an amicus brief in another government lawful argument against this law, encouraging the judge to perceive the basic protected inquiries it raises (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 2017).

In the almost 25 years that EFF has been safeguarding computerized rights, our faith in the guarantee of the Internet has just become more grounded. The advanced world liberates clients from many points of confinement on correspondence and imagination that exist in the disconnected world. In any case, it is additionally a domain that mirrors the issues in more extensive society and awards them new measurements (Facing the Challenge of Online Harassment, 2017).

Online provocation is an advanced rights issue. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, it makes genuine and enduring damages its objectives, a reality that must be integral to any talk of provocation. Shockingly, it is difficult to make laws or approaches that will address those damages without welcoming government or corporate restriction and attacks of protection—including the security and free discourse of focuses of badgering. However, as we talk about underneath, there are approaches to make compelling reactions, established in the center beliefs whereupon the Internet was worked, to ensure the objectives of provocation and their rights (Cyber stalking, 2017).

This post clarifies our reasoning about fighting on the web provocation, and what we trust EFF's part can be in that exertion given the extent of our work. It isn't our last word, nor should it be; this is not a basic issue. Rather, we need to plot a portion of the things that we consider when taking a gander at the issue and portray out a few components for powerful reactions to it (Washington State Tries to Crack Down on Cyber bullying, 2017).

Since EFF was established in 1990, individuals around the globe have met up to assemble an astounding arrangement of instruments that take into consideration more correspondence by a larger number of individuals than at whatever other time ever. The advantages of this computerized unrest are colossal we're still simply touching the most superficial layer. We're likewise just start to see how to alleviate its drawbacks. On the off chance that the points of online harassers are to hush and detach their objectives, we think the best resistance is to protect the very rights that let us advance, cooperate, and talk up against mishandle on the web.


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