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BUSN 361 International Business

Published : 13-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


What types of waste data would you need to collect and manage for your project?
What sustainability data management tools could you use?


Waste to be collected and managed

In the project, wastes need to be collected and managed well to enhance the efficiency of the project. In the regard, wastewater should be given priority. The project will be associated with a responsibility of managing wastes mainly sewage. The water will be generated from this project and therefore need to be managed and recycled even for usage. It is essential to carry out the exercise because if water is not treated, it will increase the costs of production of the firm through costs needed to do cleanups of the machine used which otherwise can be avoided through a collection of these water and treating them ready to be used again. The process is fundamental since it will help the operator to realize the type of wastewater needed to be recycled and proper disposal approach utilized (Enade, Gute, & Cohem., 2002).

The project will deal with both sanitary and non-sanitary wastewater. Sanitary wastewater will be collected from break rooms, restrooms, and the sinks. While the non-sanitary ones will be gathered from the activities of the shop, for instance, washing of the cars, the floor of the store and laundering of towels and rags. In the project, the water will be collected immediately it is discharged to the ground from the facility. The approach to be employed will be directing such waters to an onsite sewage disposal system. The wastewater treatment system to be used in this case will be composed of the septic tank, and tile field made to collect solid wastes; an approach for sanitary wastewater (Woolson & Clark., 2002).

The project for it to be more successful, approaches meant to collect non sanitized waters need to be employed too. The utilized method will have a capacity to receive 2000 liters of water from various sources of the system. The discharge should be covered well such that the public does not get access to it. Some of the waste waters from the facility will be collected to the holding tank and then transported recycling or for disposal facilities after the process has been completed (Ott & Longnecker., 2001). The consumption of clean water is helpful to human health and prevents people from risky illnesses that may result from the exposure to sewage water. The proper collection and storage of water facilitates an easy way to water treatment in the auto shop and this must always get uphold.

Data sustainability approach

The Sustainability data management tools to be employed in the project entails the utilization of information technology department. The IT experts will be responsible for ensuring that right infrastructure is designed to ease access to correct data whenever needed. In this regard, the system aims to utilize available tools in sustaining data for the project. In using this approach, information will be stored in computer packages such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft SharePoint in ensuring that this is realized. In addition, a web-based safety data management sustainable plan is necessary with a capacity to elevate the visibility and the significance of quality data. The program will also be able to collect and report safety events from various sources that relate to the company. The approach also can formalize decision making by using a program that governs data.

The approach is the most efficient and sustainable since it has the capacity to document the quality issues of the data in the organization. In addition, the methods also regulate standards and data corrections (Carol, 2004).Despite the fact that technology is a challenge, efficient data approach management can only be realized with the help of it. The system has a capacity to extract paramount information about the company from the web, and therefore the information needed by the staff will be able to retrieve information as they need it at any time of their convenience.

The project will be successful if the systems put in place are able to work effectively as they are supposed to. In this regard, they should be proper management of data carrying guidelines for the operation of the organization. A proper system of waste management is as well crucial particularly preventing environmental pollution. Research reveals that sustainable data management will result in improved outcomes hence paramount. The project aims at the utilization of the efficient method of data management together with waste management approaches that target at improving friendliness of the project to the environment. There is need to put up systems that will aim at realizing this for the efficient running of the project. The programs that improve environmental and human health protection programs need to be given priority.


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