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BUS475 Integrated Business Topics

Published : 08-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Part 1:  New Business Division of an Existing Company; Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition  
Part 2: SWOTT Analysis – Internal and External Environmental Analysis; Primary Internal Considerations for the Development of a Strategic Plan.
Part 3: Assumptions, Risk and Change Management Plan; Summary of Strategic Objectives; Corporate Social Responsibility: Balanced Score Card and its impact on stakeholders; the Communication Plan


Part 1:  New Business Division of an Existing Company; Vision, Mission, and Value Proposition  

The report is a proposal for a new business division of the Brents Professional services based in Bakersfield, US. Till now, the company has been providing services for cleaning solar panels in residential and commercial building. We were involved in up keeping of solar panels and providing professional cleaning to ensure that nothing prevents the sunlight from reaching the solar panels (Brents Services, 2017). However, we are starting a new division for the Company at the Central Valley of California and we are focusing on adding innovative service of not just solar panel cleaning but also window cleaning, pressure washing and care of lawns and fences and concrete structure of residential homes and commercial buildings too. The special emphasis is delivering eco-friendly cleaning service. The new name proposed for the new division is  ‘Solar and Home Cleaning solutions’ as we have expanded our service to cleaning homes, fences, windows and lawns too. The unique points of the new division that is going to attract more customers towards the new service are that:

  • The services are going to be much cost effective for customers and they are likely to get the option of many types of service options. For instance, earlier it was restricted to monthly service or just one time service, however now we have added prime services based on the frequency at which customers contact the service for
  • The introduction of additional service like window cleaning, lawn and fence upkeeping and concrete care is also likely to address varied solutions of client.
  • Secondly, maintaining optimal safety is key priority for us before and after delivering the service by use of sophisticated tools and equipments.
  • In addition, we aim to conserve energy too by using sophisticated and advanced cleaning equipments

The strategic vision of Brents Professional service was to provide value to clients with impeccable service and remarkable end results. Relevant to the unique ideas proposed for the new division of Brents, our mission for the new division is- ‘To ensure that solar power is protected and impeccable results are provided in the maintenance and up keeping of buildings in all areas’. Our mission is to ensure efficiency of solar panels and provide eco-friendly cleaning solutions. This has links with the Brent’s vision too all these are going to provide remarkable results too. With regard to value proposition, we aim to exemplify high quality workmanship and engage in eco-friendly cleaning process. This is likely to ensure we take creative steps towards environmental sustainability. The other advantage of innovative solutions to solar panel cleaning is that labor based cleaning methods are costly and time consuming and we aim to use automated cleaning system to clean at varying angles and in a eco-friendly manner too (Jawale et al., 2016).

Part 2: SWOTT Analysis – Internal and External Environmental Analysis; Primary Internal Considerations for the Development of a Strategic Plan.

The SWOT analysis for the new divisions are as follows:


One of the strength of the new service in the new division is that it is looking to provide customer centric service and achieve competitive advantage. The service can be said customer centric because we have added new services after analyzing the feedback of citizens regarding additional building cleaning solutions that they would like to take advantage of. The feedback of the residents living in California helped us to decide on the useful services that would grab more attention of residents and expand our business activities too. Taking feedback and services is an effective way to understand customer needs and develop strategic business activities (Wilder, Collier, & Barnes, 2014). Secondly, the focus on achieving competitive advantage is evident from our mission where our aim is to implement creative solutions to deliver eco-friendly cleaning service. We are mainly exploiting technologies to the sustainability of human activities and environment (Aman et al., 2015).


The weakness is that this is a new venture in delivering window cleaning and house cleaning service. Although we are trying to use scientifically tested cleaning materials and equipments for cleaning, it is difficult to interpret challenges in cleaning concrete, fences and windows unless we gain substantial experience in it. This is because although we prepare ourself for it, practical challenges are likely to arise due to different building designs, height and location.


The introduction of automated cleaning equipments is an advantage to our house and solar cleaning business as this is going to address the barrier associated with manual cleaning and design of the building. Secondly, focus on pricing is going to attract and retain more consumers too. In accordance with evidence based research article of Moon et al, (2015), we are also planning to use cleaning tools system with water circulation system to ensure that efficiency is achieved during cleaning and water is conserved. This is likely to attract customers residing in reputed residential buildings.


One of the threats in the process is arrangement of fundings for new cleaning system and automated equipments. These are new and advanced equipments and the process for procuring them would be difficult. This may affect the initiation of our service too.

Part 3: Assumptions, Risk and Change Management Plan; Summary of Strategic Objectives; Corporate Social Responsibility: Balanced Score Card and its impact on stakeholders; the Communication Plan


The division strategic vision is mainly guided by our vision and mission statement. In accordance with the goal of promoting efficiency of solar panels and delivering eco-friendly and automated cleaning solution, we move ahead with the assumption that technology would be the main strength of our business.

Risk and change management plan:

The success of the new venture is highly dependent on use of innovative and latest cleaning systems and equipments during solar and house cleaning. However, this is associated with many risk as our existing staffs may not be skilful enough to use them efficiently. Hence, the change management plan is to develop the competency of our staffs and recruit personnels experiences in eco-friendly cleaning technology to ensure excellent workmanship is delivered.

Strategic objective

The strategic objective is to recruit skillful workforce to realize the new mission and vision of the House and Solar Cleaning Solutions and to engage in extensive communication process with key stakeholders to plan achievement of goals in different stages of business.

Corporate social responsibility:

Corporate social responsibility is reflected in business activities by having approaches that contributes to sustainable development and socioeconomic and environmental benefits for all stakeholders (Homburg, Stierl, & Bornemann, 2013). We are focused on CSR as have pledged for eco-friendly cleaning system with use safe cleaning materials and this is reflective of the fact that we care for the impact of business on environment too and other stakeholders too.

Strategies and Tactics Section

One of our most important strategic business vision is that we are focusing on using eco-friendly technology for solar panel cleaning. Secondly, we realized that window and house cleaning results in water wastage and contamination of surrounding areas, hence we are targeting to get advanced cleaning system to address this problem. All these activities are innovative as well as tactical approach to establish our business in a new location and attract the attention of target consumers too.


The proposal presented the strategic business plan for Brents Services to establish new division in California with special focus on service that focus on efficiency of solar panels and use of advanced cleaning technology to clean windows, fenced and other structure of residential building. It has proposed the SWOT analysis and the strategic plan to manage risk and sustain competitive advantaged in their new service. This is likely to give effective results if all ethical, contextual and CSR responsibility is effectively implemented.


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