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BUS305 Small Business Management

Published : 01-Oct,2021  |  Views : 10


Analysis of "Case Study: Fetal Abnormality." Be sure to address the following questions:

Which theory or theories are being used by Jessica, Marco, Maria, and Dr. Wilson to determine the moral status of the fetus? Explain.

How does the theory determine or influence each of their recommendation for action?

What theory do you agree with? How would that theory determine or influence the recommendation for action?


Theories Applicable in this Case Study

Jessica’s Modern Western Worldview Theory

Jessica seems to embrace modern worldview theory on the abnormalities of the fetus. For example, in some certain instances, Jessica appears to have same thoughts as Marco on how the condition of the fetus will affect the achievement of their socioeconomic goals and threaten their independence. Socioeconomic progress and independence are aspects rooted in the worldview culture of materialism and puts more emphasis on wealth accumulation than religious or spiritual aspects (Stack, 2012). That is why Jessica appears to borrow the position of Marco. On the other side, Jessica seems to appreciate the quality of life and finds it difficult to agree to Doctor Wilson’s choice of having the fetus terminated.

The two sides create a conflict for Jessica on which option she should undertake. The Jessica choice in this case study is influenced by scientific perception (fetus quality of life), biblical values and dualism. According to Stack (2012), dualism as an ingredient of modern western worldview that involves a conflict of aspects between what is evil and good.  Besides, the modern western worldview approach is also influenced by biblical values that teach love and justice, scientific perspectives, truth-falsehood and success-failure factors. However, western worldview has distanced God from people who seem to believe in their doings and holds that they are the ones to determine their destiny (Shelly & Miller, 2006).  

Both sides play majors on influencing Jessica on deciding the best option in regards to the condition of the fetus. For example, materialism approach influences Jessica to accept fetus termination. On the other hand, modern western view and Christianity urges Jessica to proceed with pregnancy and play a responsibility as the mother of nurturing, loving and caring for the fetus.

Marco’s Materialism View

It is evident that Marcos is concerned about his wife and he is ready to support her irrespective of the decision she makes. However, on the other side, Marco appears to be concerned about their socioeconomic progress.  He sees the possibility of having a child with Down syndrome as a burden and barrier of their future success. Materialism theory encompasses that all objects are material and the most crucial and valuable aspect of life is to have material possession (Stack, 2012). Materialism ignores religious and spiritual positions.  

Marco is influenced by material objects. He views fetus as an obstacle to achieving their future socioeconomic success. The condition of the fetus will hinder the need of Marco and Jessica for material growth. The position for materialism progress does not provide an opportunity for the future of the fetus. Therefore, it can be seen from a different perspective that Marco supports the choice of Doctor Wilson. According to Marco, the fetus will just stop to exist.

Maria Christianity Approach

In this case study, Maria appears to be religious women. In one of the set ups, she is seen praying for her family as well as calling the priest. She advises Jessica not to accept abortion as suggested by Doctor Wilson. She pleads with Jessica to take responsibility of taking care of fetus and allow God’s plans to prevail.

Those who uphold to the Christianity approach looks upon prayer and God as the solution to problems. Similarly, Christianity worldview emphasizes on taking care of the sick and help those who indeed. Imago Dei is another Christianity concept that argues that all woman beings are created in the Image of God, God creates people the way they are according to His plans and therefore, no one is permitted to take another person life (Shelly & Miller, 2006). According to Christianity concept life is scared and only God has the moral responsibility to terminate one's life. Maria looks at the fetus as the living human who has God’s plans.  

Doctor Wilson Scientism Theory

Scientism theory influences Doctor Wilsons' approach on Jessica's condition. Wilson cites scientific facts and goes ahead to tell Jessica that abortion which is his alternative way of saving her condition is scientifically and medically right option. It is also evident that when Doctor Wilson finds Jessica and Maria engaged in prayers, he delivered the diagnosis news without considering either religious or spiritual aspect that was dominating the environment at that moment.

Scientism theory is based on reality and facts surrounding the event (Burnett, 2017). Scientism does not put into consideration religious, cultural or spiritual factors when analyzing and explaining the rationale behind the scientific decision. In this context, Doctor Wilson applies scientism theory to provide facts and realities on fetal abnormalities but not the quality of life. That is why he suggests that abortion is the best choice despite that a fetus can be born with abnormalities and survive. Doctor Wilson suggestion is largely tied to the poor quality of life of fetus.

Maria’s Christianity Theory has Moral Position on Fetal Abnormality

Based on the moral position, this paper finds that Aunt Maria is morally right about the condition of the fetus. She is the only person who firmly turns out to value the sacred life of the fetus. Marco seems to care about the decision of his wife, but he is also concerned about their economic well-being in the future. Jessica is entwined between the two sides, materialism and Christianity. Doctor Wilson is concerned about the poor quality of life of the fetus and therefore suggests abortion is the best choice. It is only Maria who appears to exercise the moral responsibility of having the fetus taken care of despite its abnormalities.


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