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BUS301 Human Resource Management

Published : 30-Aug,2021  |  Views : 10


1st part:

An organizations culture can be a debilitating impediment to the development and implementation of its strategic plan. Consider the role of organizational culture as described by Mindy Grossman in the video, HSNis Mindy Grossman: Agile is the New Smart.What is HRs role in ensuring creation and sustainability of the type of climate that CEO Grossman is speaking of within her organization? Y

2nd Part:

Given the rate of technological change and global market pressures, there is considerable change and uncertainty in many organizations. Organizational value is determined more by knowledge (intellectual capital) rather than the traditional factors of productions (land, labor and capital). Review the concept of knowledge management and how human resources can create the conditions for the effective sharing of knowledge within and throughout the organization.


1st part

The culture of an organisation can act as an obstruction in weakening the development and implementation of the strategic plan. Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSN, Inc., in her video “HSNi’s Mindy Grossman: Agile is the New Smart” has described the role of organisation culture which is an integral part of any organisation’s success. According to the video of her interview with Forbes (2014), Mindy believes in risk taking, passion to work and creation of a sustainable culture. She has remained fortunate in terms of individuals she has worked with. If someone misfits in the organisation’s culture, then as per Mindy, such sort of individual is not at all desirable apart from the fact how much smart he is or how much talent he possess. Trust and transparency are the key determinants that form the base for any organisation. Yang, J. (2005), has also talked about role of trust in the organisation. She doesn’t believe in management by fear as it leads to the destruction of the company and its talent. Quoting her personal life example, she stated that there should be no compromises for the leadership moments of the values for anything. Her view for building and investing in the motivated, engaged and passionate culture for her organisation and also by enhancing people by creation of the learning opportunities for them is worth praise. Her ideas and thoughts in relation to the HR’s role in terms of ensuring sustainable environment can act as an essence to ensure company’s future success.

2nd Part

In the present scenario, building up of global pressure and the changes in the technology has created transformations and situations of uncertainty in the business organisations. Knowledge Management can be defined as the availability of the right or correct knowledge to the right individuals and at right time. The approach is integrated in nature and includes process from creation of the knowledge to its management in an organisation (Koenig, 2012). It is a process that facilitates in identification of opportunities and exploits them to create greater value that can help the organisation to achieve its goal. KM significance has even more enhanced due to the changes in the technology and global market pressure which directly influences the organisational value.  The weightage of knowledge management has far more increased than that of the traditional factors of production (Omotayo, 2015). The success of sharing of knowledge is important as it results in the shared intellectual capital. It is a significant element in designing the human resource practices by creating an environment that boosts the employees to contribute their skills and ideas voluntarily and by acting as knowledge facilitator. According to Azili, Veseli, & Ibraimi (2013), by creating an environment where relationships can be build up in work culture and creation of adaptable system in organization. By realigning the reward and incentive program, human resource can create a knowledge sharing culture can be created. It can also be promoted by conducting knowledge sharing events and by inculcating the KM in the company’s training module.


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