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BUS301 Human Resource Management

Published : 30-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


1. Analyze Wong's job performance in his first three months at the company. Explain the criteria you are using to judge his performance.

2. Using the Big Five personality model (to the extent possible), analyze the personalities of the three key people that Wong interacts with (Miller, Yuan, and Pan). How did their personalities contribute to the difficult situation that Wong is facing?

3. Using the reading by Kotter to assist in your analysis, critique Wong approach in creating and implementing his Distributor Restructuring Program (DRP).

4. Using the concepts from Switch, propose a plan for how Wong should have initiated desired change with the distributors. How would your proposed plan achieve change more effectively than Wong efforts?


1.Wong’s performance in his first three months was a mix of success and failure. Initially, during the month of August, the performances of Wong were good. However, with time, he started introducing a revolution, rather than a change, that was not accepted by the other employees, as well as distributors. The parameters of judgement of the personality of Wong include leadership, consistency and effective management. The rapid changes that he tried bringing to the company doomed his performance.  
2.The personalities of Miller, Yuan and Pan differed from each other. Miller was an ambitious man and the Asia pacific Manger of Salco, who often complained of not getting the effective the effective promotions, as he deserved. Yung had a great personality. He respected Wong. However, his secretive nature, leaking of information made things difficult for Wong. Pan was outspoken. However, her sudden burst of emotions had an adverse effect on the performance of Wong.  
3.Wong’s approach of creating and implementing the distribution restructuring plan was very fast and impractical. Any change that needs to be implemented has to be done with time. Rapid change in the conventional ways of working might result in failure of the process of transformation. According to (Kotter, 1995), many business organizations have been successful in ensuring successful change in their business organizations. However, most of them failed, due to the high momentum of change that they tried to bring in the organization.   
4.Wong should have initiated a change with the distributors in such a way that the distributors are convinced that the change is effective and useful for them as well. Moreover, Wong tried to introduce sudden changes among the distributors that were unacceptable by them. Convincing the distributors will result in achieving the cooperation from them, thus helping in the changes being incorporated even more successfully (Heath & Heath, 2007).     


Heath, C., & Heath, D. (2007). Made to stick. Why some ideas survive and others die. New York, NY: Random House.

Kotter, J. P. (1995). Leading change: Why transformation efforts fail. Harvard Business Review, Vol. 85, No. 1.

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