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BUS101 Business

Published : 08-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Marketing and public relations ideas for promoting collision centre (auto body shop).



Marketing and public relation have been proven a significant variant of successful collision centre (Peck and 2013).  An appropriate application which involves hitting your aim with correct media at right time; thus appropriate investment in marketing could result in enhanced profits. Present report revolves around a discussion of suggestion for marketing and public relation for promoting collision centre (auto body shop).

Ideas For Promotion Of Collision Centre

Well-informed marketing strategy is the first step in the effective marketing programme. In accordance with views of Groucutt & Hopkins, (2015) well-informed marketing strategy would include clearly defined vision, mission and objectives. This outlines the steps you need to take to achieve the marketing goals. The marketing and public relation strategy must be wide-reaching and comprehensive which must be aimed to -

  • Describing the project.
  • Explaining the role of your products in the market.
  • Profiling the target market and customers.
  • Identifying the marketing tactics to be used.

Marketing strategy: As per the views of Rippin (2013), it should be devised in a way that describes the overall direction of the marketing plan outlining specific actions to be taken to implement the marketing strategy. A strong marketing strategy will build a strong reputation for the product.

Public relation tools for marketing: Public relation tools provide positive attitude and behaviour towards business and same assists in transforming interested customers into customers. As these tools are cost-effective; they provide a higher degree of control in comparison to advertising campaigns.

Suggestion relating to promotion and making a public relation for collision centre:

  1. Public relations tools can be applied for making public relation and the same can be done through campaigns.
  2. Another main method which can be applied for making a bond with the public is organizing an event relating to auto body shop; so that more no. of people know about it.
  3. Social media websites can be used to promote new products and services of collision centre with attractive images and description to reach large audience.
  4. Marketing strategy requires being prepared in an efficient manner so that relationship can be maintained with existing customers as well as new customers. As both are necessary for the company; thus offers should be made available for existing as well as new customers (Blakeman, 2014).
  5. Group of customers on which focus is to be made should be targeted to attract and retain them.
  6. 7Ps of the market can be assessed for ascertaining the correct place of product, appropriate price and information regarding other important variants of service.
  7. Partnership with other similar company is an efficient way of promoting as well as making public relation strong; as due to partnership you are a part of a big group; thus it is easy to attract people on a large scale (Crane & Matten, 2016 ).
  8. New customers also come due to the reference of existing customers; thus rewards and special discounts on occasion should be made so that they refer other people for collision.
  9. Providing coupons such as 50% of on the first service will spread your word throughout the country.
  10. Providing free advice relating to health so that they could appreciate your additional services.
  11. Special discount for year membership; it is one of the most successful methods of promotion which is beneficial for the company as well as customers.
  12. Providing rewards to customers so that they can take advantage and also they are able to do marketing for the company and develop great public relations.
  13. Special benefits to loyal customers who regular visit and take services of collision centre.
  14. Providing helpful advice to people through the monthly local newspaper. This method will promote the business and people get information regarding the steps they can take in case they require collision service.
  15. Promotion through poster and banners can be said as the traditional method of promoting; however, it is successful also; if the banner is made available at the appropriate place.
  16. Mailing directly to customers regarding the services provided at body shop and the details regarding attractive offers.
  17. Online promotion can be said as the best manner of promoting in the present scenario; as present generation spend a major time online. Thus, large-scale customers can be attracted through same (Baker, 2014).


The above study depicts that maintaining public relation and appropriate product promotion; both are necessary for a product to sustain for a long period in the market. Online promotion can be said as best manner of promotion; as today major of people are connected with internet. However, on the other hand, organizing event has been assessed the best method for maintaining public relationship strong. Thus, marketing strategies should be prepared after considering both of these objectives in order to attain success in same.


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