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ART 122Y Commentary on Art

Published : 04-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Choose a piece of art you feel addresses a topic of social commentary. Research the piece and write a descriptive essay outlining the details of the artwork. Make sure to use quotation marks for direct quotes and include an additional page of citations. (If you are unsure of what citations are, visit the Writing Center in Kent Library for assistance).  Include the following information, not necessarily in this order, Due by Sunday March 26: 
    1. Where you discovered the piece and why it caught your eye.
    2. What topic of social commentary is it addressing and what stance is being taken? Do you agree with the stance?
    3. What artist created the piece, what media is used (the materials used to create it- paint on canvas, welded steel, digital applications, etc)
    4. Where the piece is located now and any impact is has on its current audience/community.
    5. Any relevant quotes or explanations given by the artist who created it.
    6. Any other information regarding the topic of social commentary and how the piece of art you have chosen further engages dialogue on that topic. 


I found discovered this piece of art from website. I was fascinated by the colorful and demonstrative pictures that were used propagate Second World War. The scene of the pictures applied in the art clearly explains all the elements used to fuel the war. Posters and propagandas were the two major tools used to request support from the people (Bailey, 2013). 

This artwork comments on the social propaganda instruments used by the society that contributed to the occurrence of the Second World War. Yes. I agree with the artist’s stance because several nations such as Nazi, Germany, America and Japan used various social propagandas before and during the war to hoodwink their fellow countrymen to support their war decisions (Bird & Rubenstein, 2014). These aspects are well represented in the chosen artwork.

This artwork has been created using a YouTube, one of the digital applications. The artist has represented the artwork in the best manner because the viewers can combine the sound with the pictures to have a full understanding of the artist's message.

There is no specific place where this piece of work is located. It can be found on the organization's websites, learning institutions libraries among other places. The analysis of this artwork indicates that it may not have a deep influence on the audience but can provide them with useful information about Second World War. The little impact it can have on the society is helping the individuals in making political decisions. It teaches the society that they should not only base their decisions according to what they hear from the political class, but they should investigate further before arriving at the final decision.

Some of the quotes used by artist include;

"He is watching you."

“When you ride alone you ride with Hitler."

“Are you doing all you can?”

“You are either with us or against us."

War is about sacrifice, boys… when I quit planning golf. 

, “Join or die."

Apart from the social commentary, I found this artwork educative. The social aspects and historical information contained in work are very useful for historians. It helps them in understanding what transpired the beginning of the second war, what tools were used to influence people and neutral nations to participate in the war. Therefore, apart from social commentary, it has been used to store very important information concerning the Second World War.


Bailey, T. (2013, 12 June). World War II: Posters and Propaganda. Retrieved from The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History:

Bird, W. L., & Rubenstein, H. (2014, July 14). Every Citizen a Soldier: World War II Posters on the American Home Front. Retrieved from Institute of American History:

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