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ACC 202 Managerial Accounting

Published : 08-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Directions: Prepare an initial team meeting agenda that includes how the team will determine its role to address strategy, policy, and delivery. Even though this is for a team project, each student on the team will complete their own Team Strategy and Policy submission. It should be written in academic voice.

Include a synopsis of the review of the Industry and Competitive Intelligence reports:

1. Complete a review of the Footwear Industry Report and the Competitive Intelligence Reports showing practice decision outcomes.

2. Have an initial meeting with your BSG management team members.

Post your initial team meeting notes, including attendees, and synopsis of the meeting The report should include:

Notes from the team's review of the Business Strategy Game (BSG) reports.


Synopsis of the report

Footwear industry market is greatly contested sectioned with both big and small sized players with marketers, designers and manufacturers looking for market. Footwear market has been fragmented into two major categories namely; athletic wares and non- athletic. Athletic footwear consists of sporting wares and lifestyle shoes. Also may include wares that are not designed for sport but are specifically meant for other activities (Nasir & Ito 2015). The boots of snowboards can also fall under the category of footwear industry. Globally, Adidas and Nike are able to collect a revenue of $ 5.0   plus billion dollars. The report will give insight on the geographical sections of the company and total market share. On athletic shoes comprises of different shoes like slippers, work and dress shoes (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou & Venkatraman, 2013).

Historical background and location of Adidas Professional Global Footwear.

The review of this report will intensely focus on the location, size, production strength, costing and pricing of the company and finally, the market share in the global market. The competitive intelligence will further weigh on the crucial market strategies and portfolio of the product.

Adidas is a German corporation operating worldwide. It’s headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria. It was founded in 1949, month of August. Adidas is the largest sportswear producing company in Europe and probably the second biggest producer globally. In the previous financial year, Adidas garnered about $ 19.6 plus billion dollars (Annual Report, 2016).


The key products of Adidas include the following sportswear of both men and women and game ball equipment.  The sports wares manufactured by the company are sport shoes, boots, jackets and hoodies for the referees and players internationally. Balls and related equipment in football, baseball, basketball and cricket are also produced and supplied by the company.

Consumers and market

Adidas enjoys a great deal of customer loyalty due to its branding all over the world. India, for a very lengthy time has remained Adidas’ speculative market. It has reached out various world celebrities including Kanye who ensure that the products are notable and coveted worldwide.


The key rivals of the company are Puma and Nike companies. In the previous year, Adidas went to court against Sketcher for producing replicas of Adidas e.g. springblade.

Environmental practice

Adidas broke links with Asia Pulp Paper that was listed as forest bandit thereby regaining, as far environmental conservation is concerned, its reputation. (Uhrich, Koenigstorfer & Groeppel-Klein, 2014).

Competitive intelligence of Adidas is to face-lift its market by faster delivery of its products by use of ATM machines.

Notes of Business Strategy Game team meeting.

The members in attendance;

Stuart Smith- chairman

Leipzig Ken- member

Jostone Kreig- member

Synopsis of the meeting

The meeting deliberates on how to put in place strong structures for implementing framework for entrepreneurial practices and committing efforts toward the same by assigning duties to departmental and branch heads.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and the apologies of members absent on request were accepted. Member proposed a framework that runs across the management for strategic implementation by stating different planning levels e.g. Unit planning, Market planning, and Resource Sharing planning etc. On the third agenda, members discussed how determine roles; a member proposed that skills, knowledge and experience be used in determining their roles so as to realize policy, strategy and delivery depending on the following functions; monitoring, controlling, planning and execution. On the fourth agenda, a member had a proposal that various teams and departmental heads be assigned duties relating to objects of the company, competitiveness and clear focus on the theme of the company. On the last two agendas, the meeting was called to an end with remarks from the chairman and the next meeting for 30/12/2017

Notes on the review of the report

The BSG team suggests that in order to generate proper insights on the strategies and policies, the competitive intelligence regarding the industry ought to be evaluated carefully. The pace at which the products are delivered into the market and the means by which the products are delivered should be calculated carefully so that the company remains the powerhouse of footwear production (Bharadwaj, El Sawy, Pavlou, & Venkatraman, 2013).


Annual Report, 2016. Retrieved from; https://www.adidas- cc00951a1061/2016_eng_gb.pdf

Bharadwaj, A., El Sawy, O. A., Pavlou, P. A., & Venkatraman, N. V. (2013). Digital business strategy: toward a next generation of insights.

Uhrich, S., Koenigstorfer, J., & Groeppel-Klein, A. (2014). Leveraging sponsorship with corporate social responsibility. Journal of Business Research, 67(9), 2023-2029. Nasir, N., & Ito, T. (2015). A Proposal of Cloud Manufacturing Architecture for Footwear   Industry in Product Life Cycle Management.

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