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AA 120N Art Therapy

Published : 23-Sep,2021  |  Views : 10


Topic- Elizabeth Condon “American Pastorale” 2016

This assignment is about a visit to “tampan museum of arts” where I came through many fine pieces of art which were perfectly made, placed and managed at the museum. This assignment is particularly a thesis of my experiences and facts which I learnt while going through the beautiful artifacts. The details in their art were no less than a dream. Perfection cannot be described in a much better way than the fine use of tools of art and their presentation of these creations.



Few days back, I visited the Tampa Museum of Art. As this was my first visit to a museum and I was extremely excited and intrigued. I was looking forward to see what was beyond those glass doors of the museum. The art exhibitions that I was able to see there all around the walls, space of the museum were all amazing. Each corner was too bright and beautiful to behold. For some reason, I was expecting to walk into a huge celestial auditorium that would have me in awe but this wasn’t the case. During my tour of the Tampa Museum of Art, the artist and art that stood out to me most interestingly was Elizabeth Condon’s - “American Pastorale”, 2016.

This art took, not even a second to gain my attention. I couldn’t move my eyes off from this piece of art creation.

About elizabeth condon’s american pastorale 2016

Elizabeth Condon is an American artist who was inspired to paint the art “American Pastorale” in 2016.  This art was beautiful enough to catch my attention immediately as I walked in the doors of Tampa Museum of Art. This painting displays an interesting set of colors, contrasts, and expression that can compel any person who turns to look at it and stands out of the box from several other pieces of work. American Pastorale is an abstract painting which is an extremely motivational piece of art which was created using the Chinese traditional painting scroll, vintage fabric, and wallpaper samples. Additional material such as acrylic, latex, and glitter and pumice on linen was used to energize the tropical flora of the painting. The painting’s dimension is 59x59 inches. This painting shows that the artist pours out shading colors on the canvas which induce an unforeseen and unexpected foundation. The artistic foundation creatively joins the pour and gets infused with the expressive watercolors. The Chinese checked ink strategy, acting with plants, blossoms, and even the feathered creatures make the piece winnowed from ordinary Chinese parchment paintings or an upholstery textures and backdrop designs.

The painting expresses blossoms and birds which are allude to the conventional Chinese painting arrangement of the homogenous exhibition. It is unmistakable and singular. Its subject point is explained by its reliance on the bend line secured through a strategy for refining and repeating. The blossom and fowl strategy gives a left point from where the artist shows her own emblem and process. It seems that some form of backdrop test and texture was used as a way of changing. The objectively made designs and mechanical assigns of portrayal with the biased movements result in a merger of adapting unconstrained strategies. The backdrop and the texture designs initiate the attractiveness and amicability of the Chinese blossom. A flying creature painting is ready in front of our eyes while the symbolism pours beneath the proposal of diverse domains. The canvas' compositional rhythms imitate the artist’s execution of the Chinese as these are enlarged in shading. The Tree of Life is an example that show time's entry with feathered creatures and blossoms at a scope of time along with the flight, roost, and sprout.

Details of the painting presented at the museum

At the museum, I saw many photos of her art creations of recent years, and then I traced that their fruition was through her beautiful work, to which I was attracted to. Proving a little bit as the antique Chinese sage whose philosophy was influenced by the artists who are mostly monochromatic in their pictures must have enthused her.  I observed that a work of art always shows up itself with time to time. It looked to be referring two sides, like, to a work which is in-progress and on the other side as a complete painting which the viewers like me encounter. Adding to this, together, the work showed up to full of “energy and openness” and gave an inevitably influence which can be named as experience. This intangible painting should have and did boast all well and refine characteristics. It gave me a hint of a notion which goes without saying even a word and as a factor that has the capability to contribute unmistakably. It brings out all the good inexplicably for that combination of unnamable qualities which makes this work of art “good” or may be the best.

The details learnt from the painting

When it is about an abstract painting or an artwork, the evidence of that examination lies in the work as many diverse modes of appearance that helps the artist to produce the genus developed, from frenetic, paint-fling confections to the irregularly formed, solid and colored canvases. When It comes to terms of how the work looks and what the meaning had to speak out and how it has been formed to say it, with its anticipated or implied range of meanings from the vague to the uplifting, abstract paintings have a long being and even then they can be like almost everything an artist wishes it to be as a piece of art.

 The painting had a rash of frayed-surface, a color-field, practice-oriented, modest course of action in its curves and lines. Post-minimalist thoughts poured and paint-slopping abstractions were seen in it. This art creation by Elizabeth condon that turned up to be at art gallery and in many other museums in recently, has a quoted common source with its flash of postmodernist satire.

 This is because, while it comes to thrashing up artificial abstraction, the gamble is upped in the art. This is all just to say that, it’s another thing to be conscious of the opulence of an abstract painting, but it is something much more to gravely connect with its heritage.

Description of the tools used while painting this art

INK – ink has been a very old source or a tool used in paintings. Ink cannot be just used easily by pouring and drawing desired lines. It needs to handle with care so as to make the work much more attractive and enhanced. Here, in the painting, Elizabeth has used the ink to enhance and underline ends of all the objects which are drawn over there. Ink is a very versatile source of tool used in painting.

Acrylic – the artist has used acrylic in her painting. As seen in the painting, there are dry colors used in the canvas. This is because; dry colors enhance the look of the painting while drawing on an acrylic sheet.

Linen – it has been observed that linen is more durable and it also supports to give the painting a professional look and feel. It is preferred for its longetivity. The canvas is more light, stronger and smooth.


After a close observation of the American Pastorale, I believe that the painting falls into the category of abstract paintings. I say this because this art provides a composition of different elements which express its form in the painting itself in terms of lines, patterns, texture and solid colors that are noticeable. The painting also shows a contrast range that is positive in highlighting because of its many irregular shapes.

I believe that the art shows off its formal elements because in terms of its different ranges through visual observation of forms, patterns, line color, and texture. These aspects of the artwork are noticeable immediately while viewing the artwork.  My understanding from this painting can be concluded as, ‘the artist applied colors with an expressive brushwork and poured paint directly on to the canvas making it more attractive and enhanced. A variety of loud intense colors such as red, orange, blue, green, and pink were used to create a landscape pattern. Elizabeth Condon is an artist who embraces her imagination and she believes that the art is a structure and her thoughts are the material.  Therefore, Elizabeth’s angle of using actions which demonstrate aspects and location in the artwork is not a mistake but a purpose for sure.

The art can attract anybody through its beauty. Plants bring life and from my point of view, I think they are a representation of life and liveliness that is why I was pulled towards this art in particular. Based on my limited time in the museum I would say the Tampa Museum of Art has an outstanding sports artistic collection which can attract any person, be it an artist or non artist. This was an impeccable and unforgettable learning experience for me. Those little arts made a never leaving impression in my mind forever.


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