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FINA600- Financial Management Assessment Answer

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FINA600- Financial Management

Laureate International Universities covers FINA600, which is financial management course for the growth of a business. In addition to that, Laureate International Universities also focussed on providing proper skills & abilities to a student for improving their potential advantage in the job market. This is an undergraduate education that is aimed to improve or develop their knowledge in the field of marketing and promotion. Financial Management is referred to as a form of businesses discipline for keeping track of different business operations.

On the other hand, Laureate International Universities also assist any snapshot of a business required for improving the economic health of that organization. With the help of customer data collected from online research, a marketing manager will be able to understand underlying threats or opportunities for the firm, which might influence growth in market.

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In various studies, it is observed that financial management is responsible for supporting overall decision-making or even other range of management activities. In addition to that, the objective of marketing management is to understand customer demands and influence each customer base to purchase these products or services. This information also helps a brand to develop effective promotional activities to improve overall organizational performance and increase profit margin. Marketing managers are also responsible for making effective decisions on behalf of any company. Hence, this under-graduation course provided by Laureate International Universities discusses a range of promotional activities and tools used in marketing management that might enable the student to gain a better understanding regarding the market condition of any given firm (whether it is a small or large organization).

Laureate International Universities is one of the reputed institutions in the United States, hence our experts will focus on delivering quality FINA600 task answers. Laureate International Universities is one of the old organizations headquartered in Mexico. In addition to that, Laureate International Universities was previously known as Laureate Education Inc., which is also a corporation-based institution originally located in Baltimore of Maryland in the United States. It is also observed that this institution is operated by Laureate International Universities with campuses in both Peru as well as in Mexico. Hence, it can be assumed that this organization or institution is publicly traded. On the other hand, Laureate International Universities is a benefit corporation and operates in the higher education sector.

From various researches, it is observed that in 1998, Laureate International Universities was founded. CEO of Laureate International Universities is Eliif Serck-Hanssen however, the CFO is studied to be Richard M. Bushkirk. The founder of Laureate International Universities is Douglas L. Becker. With the help of an effective marketing approach as well as promotional activities implemented by Laureate International Universities, it helped them to generate 1024.9 million dollars revenue in 2020. The sudden outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic led to the loss of revenue. Pandemic also influenced the economic instability of the United States.

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Laureate International Universities was established in the year of 1998 by Douglas Becker with Sylvan International Universities, which is later renamed and became an operational division for Sylvan Learning Systems. In addition to that, the university also focussed on establishing the brand image as a post-secondary institution both in local as well as in the international market. During this time, Sylvan emphasized a range of services both in primary and secondary education. This organization is owned and operates through different franchise locations.

Laureate International Universities gained growth during the time period of 2010 to 2017 as it expanded to various regions across the world. This in turn, helped them to own approximately 50 institutions in 2010 across all the campuses and in online mode, thereby attracting students from different regions around the world. Laureate International Universities conducts business operations in 21 nations across Asia, the Americas, and in Europe. In Laureate International Universities, the total number of enrolments each year is estimated to be around 550,000.

Unit Details of FINA600 are discussed below:

Location: Australia

Study level: Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: FINA600

In order to hone the abilities of each student, Laureate International Universities aims to provide quality education in the field of financial management under this course (FINA600). Hence, in the assignment, the tutee is required to develop an internal organizational report with the help of a template that is discussed in their class on Week 10. In addition to that, a tutee is also required to analyse the external environment of a business as discussed in Week 5. As a result, it might help the tutee to gain a proper overview of constantly changing demographic trends and customer demands thereby influencing the finance manager to implement appropriate accounting or financial approaches in the business.

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Weightage of the FINA600 course code

The total weightage of this assignment is 20 percent out of which the use of marketing theories and frameworks discussed in Week 1 and Week 2 will be covered in 5 percent. In addition to that, the implementation of market research with the help of an online survey will cover 7 percent of the total weightage. Similarly, critical analysis will cover 5 percent of total weightage.

Word count estimation for total report is 3000 out of which use of marketing theories and frameworks are to be covered within maximum of 1500 word count range in FINA600 task answers. On the other hand, online survey will be covered in 1000 of the total word count. This FINA600 assignment will help the tutees to gain a competitive advantage from the job market even in the long term.

It has been observed by different experts that finance manager is solely responsible to manage, evaluate and implement appropriate accounting frameworks or strategies, that might advance organizational mission by approaching a broad audience or by attaining greater exposure. This, in turn, can influence the result of a firm through their organizational performance.

In the long run, it will increase its overall sales, community interest or donations along with customer involvement. Implementation of relevant theories in financial management assignment (FINA600) is crucial for decision-making to improve business operations. Grammar will be thoroughly checked whereas plagiarism percentage should be below 5 percent in FINA600 assignment answers, which will be checked through Turnitin.

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