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ENGT5115 Sustainable Development Assessment Answer

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ENGT5115 Sustainable Development

ENGT5115 sustainable development can be defined as development that meets current demands without jeopardizing future generations' ability to meet their own needs. The idea and concept of sustainable development can be interpreted in a variety of ways, but at its heart, it is a development method that seeks to balance many, often competing, needs against an understanding of the environmental, social, and economic constraints we face as a society.

Generally, progress is sparked by a single need, without careful consideration of the wider or longer-term consequences. The consequences of this type of development approach touch every element of society, such as large-scale financial crises produced by irresponsible banking or global climate change induced by our reliance on fossil fuel-based energy resources. As long as unsustainable development is practised, the consequences will become more extreme and frequent. The environment is not the primary emphasis of sustainable development. It all comes down to maintaining a healthy and thriving society.

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Which university this course code is associated

The course can be availed at De Montfort University.

Unit details:-

Location:- Sydney

Study level: - Postgraduate

Unit code:- ENGT5115

Brief of ENGT5115 Assessment:

Graduates with a focus on sustainable development have knowledge in areas such as environmentally friendly manufacturing, waste stream management, and green procurement strategies. Because their work needs them to interact with a number of groups, such as local government authorities or civic organisations, private residents, and business employees, a professional in this industry must have interpersonal skills.

As a sustainability manager, their responsibilities can vary based on their job profile. They generally evaluate and monitor areas like natural resource utilisation and recycling, educate people about the necessity of sustainability measures, and raise cash for projects through rebate applications, projects, and proposals. They also produce marketing products such as brochures, websites, and online media to raise awareness about environmental issues.

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Course Subjects:

  • Global Sustainable Development
  • Biodiversity Conservation Management 
  • Global Energy Policies Resources 
  • Green Movements 
  • Green & Eco Philosophy 
  • Environmental Policies Perspectives 
  • Environmental Disasters 
  • Island Development Biodiversity
  • Fragile Ecosystem Development 
  • Forest Wildlife Protection 
  • Combination of Sustainability and Business Success
  • The Boundaries of Sustainable Development
  • International Business Law 
  • Environmental and Natural Resources
  • Improving Sustainability at Local and Global Levels 
  • Relationship Between Ecosystems
  • Natural Resource Usage
  • Environmental Technology 
  • Advanced Methodologies for Resource Conservation 
  • Sustainability-related Risks & Prospects 

Careers in Sustainable Development

In the field of sustainable development, there are various large employment opportunities and job profiles. The following are some of the most popular job profiles:

Environmental marketing specialists work for commercial companies or the government as advisors. A select few may also find work in academia or research. They research and promote policies that prevent health and environmental concerns using their skills and knowledge of chemistry, microbiology, and ecology. Their outstanding responsibilities include environmental policy evaluation and implementation, as well as data gathering and analysis.

Business Development Executives are responsible for driving their organisations' growth and progress by developing new business prospects and inspiring their personnel. They need a thorough awareness of the company's competitors as well as the market. They frequently collaborate with the marketing and sales departments to achieve their goals.

The everyday activities of a financial institution and its satellite offices are managed by the Branch Manager. They manage branch staff and serve as a company representative in the local business community. These branch managers are also responsible for evaluating loan applications and keeping a close eye on cash and other financial instruments.

A relationship manager is in charge of corporate clients, such as SMEs and major corporations. Individual consumers and customers are also dealt with, and they are advised on various financial products and services recommended by their particular institutions.

Program Coordinator: These program coordinators plan and implement study abroad programs, as well as recruit and prepare students to live and study in other countries. They work as an administrative assistant and are responsible for project and program management.

Scientist: Scientists in this profession are concerned with preserving the earth's natural resources. These experts specialise in issues such as water conservation, soil conservation, and range management within the conservation sector. They collaborate with a variety of stakeholders, including the government and landowners such as farmers and ranchers, to plan recreational and agricultural activities.

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Learning Outcomes:

Learning outcomes with a focus on sustainability include:

  • Students will be able to define sustainability and recognise the main impediments to it.
  • Students will have a better grasp of ecosystem carrying capacity and how it relates to meeting human needs.
  • Students will be able to apply concepts of sustainable development in a global context to address sustainability concerns.
  • Students will be able to recognise, act on, and evaluate their professional and personal actions based on their understanding and appreciation of the links between economic, environmental, and social views.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate that they understand how systems work.
  • As future professionals and citizens, students will be aware of their societal responsibilities.
  • Individual differences will be accommodated in students' judgments and actions, and they will be able to negotiate across these differences.
  • Power, inequity structures, and social systems that influence individual and communal life will be analysed by students.
  • Students will be able to see how their actions affect the rest of the world.

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Weightage of ENGT5115 Course Code in Semester?

Each Postgraduate course at the University needs a total time commitment of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of study per week.

Assessment Task


Project (research)


Project (research)


Project (research)


This is a graded unit, thus your overall grade will be computed from the marks or grades you receive for each assessment activity, based on the relative weightings listed above. To pass the unit, you must receive at least a 50% overall grade or a 'pass' overall grade. If any of the 'pass/fail' tasks in the table above are listed, they must be performed successfully (a 'pass' grade). In addition, as indicated in the 'assessment task' section, you must fulfill any minimum mark requirements specified for a specific assessment task (note that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50 percent).

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