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ENGLISH 101S The Art Of Reading Assessment Answer

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ENGLISH 101S The Art Of Reading

ENGLISH 101S, the art of reading course, is offered by Duke University. This course aims to develop critical reading skills through the close examination of literary works and other media like film. Individuals who intend to develop their critical reading skills can enroll in this course. The credit of this course is one. The average class size of this course is thirteen. The average sections for this course in three. Several renowned professors such as Leonard Tennenhouse, Julianne Werlin, Sarah Beckwith,  Nancy Armstrong,  Thomas Ferraro, Michael D'Alessandro, Thomas Pfau ( 2021).

The curriculum codes for this course are "W" and "ALP". Individuals definitely know how to read. Individuals need to join this course to learn how to read literature artfully. Most of the individuals are habituated in such a reading process through which they can collect specific information rather than reveling the literary experience.

This unit will be fruitful for individual readers to recognize the particular narrative style of the story and how the story influences the reader's connection with the protagonists of the story. Participation of individuals in this unit will be useful for the readers to identify the rationale for which the authors of the story or book wrote the story. It will allow the reader to engage with the plot of the story. Rather than reading the book to collect the information, the reader should prefer to understand the plot. It will be a more engaging experience for the reader. It will be fruitful for the readers to evaluate information from various sources.

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This unit will be useful for the reader to identify the most effective approach to reading the story. Identifying the engaging and conversational style will allow the reader to boost confidence. An artful reading experience highly depends on how the reader acquires the basic elements of the story. In this unit, the students will understand several definitions and different characteristics of terms like genre, authorship, metafiction, master plot ( 2021). In order to become an artful reader, the student can learn the practical tips and techniques that will boost the effectiveness of the reader. This unit organised by the English department of Duke University will emphasize organising an initial reading session, pre-reading, and encourage readers to continuously ask questions.

Learning through literary case studies might be fruitful for the reader to understand the plot of the case studies. Participation in this unit will enable the reader to discover the joy of reading. At the core of this unit, it can be said that this course can provide a wonderful feeling to the reader so that they can engage with the story or the novel ( 2021). This unit will enable the students to carry out all the myriad ways to transform the future reading experience into more enlightening and engaging. After completing this unit, students can set aside quality time to read a great work of literature. It will enable the reader to utilize the valuable time appropriately and spend time with other literature.

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