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ENGL001 English Composition I Assessment Answers

ENGL001 Assignment Answers

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ENGL001 Task Answers

If a student wants to be successful in any profession, they must be good at communicating. By honing their critical thinking and communication abilities, this course will help them achieve just that. The course will start with a lesson that aims to modify your perspective on composing. To begin, a student will learn to think of creating as a discussion for themselves or an audience, rather as a solo endeavour. Composing has become a fluid, participatory, and artistic exercise instead of a mechanical one in this perspective. They will also start to see writing as a process, although a challenging one, instead of a finished result. They will then realise that writing is more of a process of discovery than a product.

The second lesson will contribute to academic communication because this program is developed exclusively for university students. The course will enable a student to learn how to use the "PWR-Writing" or "Power-Writing" Technique to react to an assignment or exam topic, as well as the ins and outs of developing a strong thesis and backing it with proof. The following lessons will cover everything from writing style to correct citation.

The course will start by fine-tuning our understanding of what is been done when someone write. Starting by admitting that composing is a difficult and intricate task. It does not come easily; it needs a significant amount of effort and thinking. Composing is more than just words on a paper; it is a means of exchanging ideas. Everyone argue that correspondence is rhetoric in academic essays, which implies that our rhetoric context and our use of rhetoric devices like ethos, logo, and tragedy influence our composing choices. In this course, it has been explained that these words, talk about how to recognise them when reading, and how to use them in their own writings.

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Writing is more of a journey than a finished thing. Organizing and clarifying what you believe about a topic typically necessitates writing down your thoughts. The course discusses about how to utilise this method to organise your work, expand your thoughts, and make the chore of creating an essay appear less daunting. Various exercises will be assigned during Unit 1 that will result in an article writing task. Just what takes to thrive in a Web-based college course is the focus of these exercises and the essay. 

While completing this unit successfully, a student will be able to:

  1. Analyze the rhetorical context and rhetorical claims;
  2. Enhance their skills in recognising and communicating for certain audiences and goals.
  3. Illustrate how literature impacts thinking by describing it as a movement.
  4. In persuasive writing, recognise and prevent fallacious arguments;
  5. Learn the steps of the PWR research process and practise them; and
  6. Develop critical reasoning and reading abilities that will help you write better in college.

Several exercises will be assigned to you during this lesson, culminating in an essay writing task. What it needs to thrive in an Internet-based degree course is the focus of these exercises and the essay.

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Unit Details:

Location: Saylor Academy, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: ENGL001

Brief of Assessment:

The assessment consists of three units namely Unit- 1,2, 3, and 4. Unit one discusses about college level writing, unit two describes how academic writing becomes a unique way of representation, unit three explains how to use sources, and unit four shows how to add finishing touches.

The writing style describes how users write a sentence and how they organise the ideas inside a series of phrases so that they sound right to their audience. It is not a privilege to have a sound style of writing; it is required to express your thoughts effectively and successfully. For instance, even if you have excellent grammar, if your writing style is not up to par, their audience may well not grasp what they are trying to say.

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Students at the university level must know how to create an excellent academic essay. Any argumentative essay is ultimately an argument at its foundation. This does not imply that a student is launching a barrage of verbal assaults; rather, use words to convince someone to embrace a particular viewpoint.

For instance, it can be required to write an article about how the revolution affected a country's culture. The response is a convincing case in which the attempt to convince their audience that the conflict altered social practices in three or four distinct ways. Consider the writing as a discussion between a student and an audience as the student develops an argument. The method or an approach through which students construct and defend their argument reflects how they view themselves as a participant in the discourse. When someone is writing in reaction to a challenge, the person to whom they are talking about should influence the way they compose.

While making a case, a very well source citation, or paraphrasing from an outside expertise can make a world of difference. Most academic work projects, in fact, demand that you incorporate these sorts of supporting reasons to back up your claim. These supporting arguments can persuade reader that the viewpoint is shared by other respectable, educated people; they can argue your case with persuasive style or dramatic strength; and they can assist them help the claim when in need.

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Weightage of the ENGL001 Course Code in the Semester:

A student must get a mark of 70% or better on this qualifying examination to obtain a free Program Certificate Of completion. As soon as students finish their exam, the grade will be computed. If a student does not pass the test on their first effort, then they may also retake it as many often as they like, with a seven-day gap between every endeavour. Hence, a student will be given a free Course Certificate Of completion if they pass the final examination or else, the student will fail to get a certificate as a proof of completion of the course.

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