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Eng225 Introduction to Film Assessment Answer

Online Introduction to Film Assessment Answer

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Eng225 Introduction to Film

Students who will be able to complete the program will be able to explore beyond the ideas of movies as being a simple medium of entertainment. It will further prepare their deeper insight of critical thinking as well as analysis while enabling one to perceive beyond the immediate subject matter which in the relevant case considers film as being the bigger picture. Furthermore, upon reaching the end of the course, the student will seem to attain diversified insight while being led to explore a diverse range of stories as well as lives that commemorate various moments that have seemed to take place in the historic timeline.

The film depicting historic era as well as the struggles being led to undergone in that relevant time will be depicted in the film based on which it is expected of students to challenge their implications based on personal as well as social awareness. In that regards, the course intends to enrich the analysis as well as critical thinking while providing the required scope for being able to develop a profound understanding of aesthetic as well as cultural awareness.

In consideration of the fact that films are made about people situated all around the world, the course Introduction to Film enables students to gain insights of compassionate nature from a diverse set of cultures with the purpose of leading towards an increased understanding of people.   

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Unit details

The considerate aspect of the course is based on the underlying notion that films and their portrayed context tend to be a reflection of one’s life. While taking in careful consideration the tentative aspect of a film and thereupon applying on the skills that have seemed availed to that of students, the course intends to be a point of inception wherein it sets out the primary points of learning alongside demonstrating its critical evaluation.

Based on that premise, the framework of the unit sees to dive into the ideas as well as notions while emphasizing on the areas that contributes towards making conclusion based on critical evaluation. On that basis, the course will see to offer its relevant implications while associating literature with that of practical societal insights and thereupon see to understand the impact of films on society. The course of the unit has thus been devised as such that lets designs be provided to the students while at the same time being provided with an overview of film history and reflecting its influence on modern society.


Ashford University, United States of America

Study Level

Bachelors or undergraduate degree

Unit code

ENG225 Introduction to Film

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Brief of ENG225 Assessment

This course has been designed with the tentative aim of introducing a film that sheds light on that of history that reflects personally on the lives of the people while depicting the struggles that have been undergone. In that regard, the course ensures that students are being led to take insights from several subjects being depicted through various films and thereupon relate its notion with that of academic ideas as well as practical relevance.

In United States, the enrolled film’s professional standards seems to recognize the significance of films and the considerable impact it tends to exert on one’s mindset with its visual influence that does depict notions being relevant with that of the practical world. In recent days, film critic has seemed to evolve as a measure that analyzes the effectiveness of the content and the plot being showcased virtually to the general public.

As much as it sees to analyze the effectiveness a well as efficiency of a film in representing the practical notions of life and thereupon stress on the implications it seems to exert on the society. With the considerate intent of improving critical thinking and thereupon enhance level of analysis, the course will be emphasizing on these traits while deeming it as the relevant skills and attributes required in understanding the context being presented through a visual medium.

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While being able to enhance skillset in analyzing a film might seem as a difficult proposition, it requires being well verse with theories that might seem to be applicable for instance the auteur theory. The considerate intent is not only to reflect on the devised notions but to understand the arguments being presented and thereupon see to draft essays that requires relating an academic theory with that of visual depiction.

It is hence an obligation for every students to be able to take part consistently in all the tasks as well as the assignments that has been slated for them while bearing all the research information that has been provided to them or feel compelled to be attained by them. The considerate purpose is to enhance the chances of achieving the goals of the course and at the same time remain aware of the exercises related with that of the course while keeping records. On that basis, participation in online discussions seemed to be an element as it is being considered as a guided learning aspect.    

Weightage of the module

In consideration of the fact that the course intends to move past the point of the film being an instrument of entertainment, it sees to delve deeper into implementing a critical insight while seeing to provide the skills required in analyzing as well as critiquing a film. On that basis, students will seem able to learn about film theory, genres, aesthetics as well as basic criticism surrounding the film. ENG 225 is hence a full-time degree course that will require its students to secure more than 50% marks in order for one to be able to qualify for the next semester.

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While the written assignment comprises 75% of the overall weightage, there are scenario tasks as well as online discussion which seems to hold the remaining 25% of the weightage. As such, it is a full-time course that is proposed by the university while at the same time demanding its students to attend classes regularly online as well as offline and secure the basis pass percentage.   

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