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EN100 Assessment Answers

EN100 Southeast Missouri State University Assignment Answers

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EN100 Task Answers:

The course EN100 English Composition is an undergraduate course offered by the
Southeast Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The course will help students develop academic writing and reading skills. Through this course students will acquire the knowledge and skills to become excellent writers. Classes will be conducted in the form of activity based workshop. Students will have to develop their own writeups and also critically review others’ writeups. They will learn and work together as a community. Students will be able to improve their vocabulary and work on their grammatical concepts.

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This will be useful to implement when writing essays. Students will able to demonstrate their rhetorical knowledge at the end of this course and understand the process of writing. As a compulsory criterion for this course students must have passed in EN099 course. Active participation of all students are required in the workshops based on which students will be graded alongside the major assignments and exams. Students will become familiar with the grammatical conventions associated in developing writeups.

The course will help develop both reading and writing skills of the students. Students will be provided the required guidance by instructor while engaging in writing activities in the workshop and also be encouraged to work independently. At the end of this course students will have a confidence in developing essay writings on their own and become independent learners.

Unit Details:

In the units of this course students will develop a foundation knowledge of how essays are written. They will learn about the various types of essays and their respective formats. Through the lessons and workshops in the course students will be able to develop a good vocabulary which they will be able to implement in writing or making a conversation. The knowledge acquired through this course will help students develop and improve their writing skills and effective communication skills. The course will help students engage in writing as a process. They will learn about the various technical steps that should be considered while composing a write up. They will also learn about the ethical considerations associated in writing. This course encourages students to think and read critically. Critical thinking is required while making decisions. The more critically one can think better are their decisions. This course will help students find their own strengths and weaknesses as competent writers. The students will also be encouraged to do peer reviews. They will learn to provide and receive feedbacks to and from peers.

They will also learn to critically evaluate others’ writeups and provide positive feedbacks. Students will understand the importance of quality writings in professional life. The unit also focuses on the importance of revisions after writing and figure out areas of improvements and mistakes which need to be corrected.

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Location: Missouri, United States
Study Level: Undergraduate and Post Graduate
Unit Code: EN100

Brief of Assessment:

As part of assessment activities there are various class assignments, five major assignments, one midterm examination and one final examination. The first major assignment is an observing essay writing which carries 50 points. The second major assignment is a reflection essay which carries 100 points. The third is an informative essay and carries 150 points. The fourth is an evaluative essay which carries 100 points. The fifth major assignment is an argument essay which also carries 100 points.  According to university policies every student must complete all assignments and submit them within the given deadline. All students must abide by the academic honesty policies which means assignments should not be plagiarised. Late submission of assignments will not be accepted and no marks will be awarded to a student in an assignment which is not submitted within the date of submission.  Participation in class activities also carry points which will be added to the assessment grades in this semester. Grades will be awarded to students based on their marks.If a student scores less than 59 % in any assignment, quiz or exam he or she will be failed in that particular assessment and will be graded F. By scoring 90 % to 100 % of the total score students can obtain an A grade. A score of 80 % to 89 % will be graded B. C grade will be awarded to a score between 70 % to 79 %. D grade will be awarded for a score between 69 % to 70 %.

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All essays will be returned to the students within two weeks after submission. Poor attendance in classes will have a negative impact in the academic grades of this course in the semester. Citations of all references in assignments must be done using MLA format. Students are required to submit their assignments in two pocket folder, the right pocket of which will contain the final draft and the left pocket will contain the notes and preliminary drafts. No assignments will be accepted if these requirements are not met.

Weightage of this EN100 Course Code in Their Semester:

The weightage that the course EN100 English Composition carries in this semester is based on the importance of English literature in academics and profession. The evaluation of the students will be done through the multiple assignments, midterm examination and the final examination.Students must score a minimum of 59 % of the total score in an assignment to meet the passing criteria. They must be able to show their theoretical knowledge and ability to implement them into practise.

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The weightage that this course is allotted is to make sure that students put the required attention in learning this subject and perform well in the exams and assignments. By achieving a score of 90 % to 100 % of the total score in any assessment students will be awarded an A grad, which is the highest grade awarded in this course. Students will be marked based on their performance as per the marking guidelines. A good performance will have a positive impact on their overall academic performance in the semester.

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