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EMSK5012 Employability Skills Assessment Answers

EMSK5012 Assignment Answers

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EMSK5012 Task Answers

In today's world of career transitions, employers at all levels value students' varied or distinctive abilities and traits to complement their academic credentials. Because employability skills improve the quality and performance of employment, their importance has long been recognized. As a result, these talents are essential to advancing one's career. Employability skills are defined as those that can be used in various settings, including the workplace.

For this reason, they call for the development of the fundamental competencies to a level at which you become more marketable to potential employers. Additionally, these skills can be called "soft" and "foundational." To improve performance, they focus on increasing productivity, enhancing the efficiency of various workplace responsibilities, and increasing worker cooperation.

Employability Skills that aren't included in the job description are explained in this course. Despite this, employers find those with them more desirable than those without. Even if a person has a higher academic background or more experience, if they are vying for the same position, the same abilities are vital because they distinguish those with the skills from those who lack them. Employability skills are explained in this course, focusing on those in high demand and crucial to a student's future profession. The acquisition of employable skills can occur in two ways: organically, through experience, or formally, through instruction.

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To name a few, here are some real-world examples:

One of the most important talents for a successful career is communicating effectively. Many careers are based on the procedure. It's a dynamic process that includes the sender, the message, the receiver, the feedback, and the channel. Combining these features makes sending and receiving communications easier while also ensuring that they are well expressed and easily understood. As productivity and process efficiency rise, so must the ability to communicate clearly and concisely to be considered for numerous positions. Therefore, each learner must have the abilities necessary for good communication and the ability to listen effectively to others.

The ability of employees to work together with one another in a peaceful manner to achieve the company's aims and objectives is referred to as "teamwork" in the context of any corporation. Employee morale is boosted thanks in large part to their abilities. Being a successful team player requires focusing on your interpersonal skills, taking responsibility for your responsibilities, and striving toward a common objective with your coworkers.

In addition to the previously mentioned employable skills, students will learn how to acquire new ones and why they are critical to their professional success. The Greenwich School of Management's employability skills course is available to all students with the course code EMSK5012.

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Unit Details:

Location: Greenwich School of Management, United Kingdom

Study level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit code: EMSK5012

Brief of Assessment:

Since students must demonstrate mastery of the course content and understand the term "employability skills" in the formulation of assessment activities, this course's knowledge and skills will be assessed. Outlining the numerous employability skills and the nature of their adoption; describing the common employability abilities and displaying their importance in any firm and how employees can develop them.

Investigate the various values and professions available in today's job market, as well as the numerous processes necessary to reach your aims and ambitions. Demonstrate how effective communication skills are in boosting a person's job prospects. Employees who can effectively manage their own time and solve problems in the workplace are more likely to succeed in their careers.

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Demonstrate how personal grooming may be assessed and how it can be improved for employees in the workplace. To be successful in your future career, you need to know your greatest assets. Give examples of the many ideas of marketable skills and how they might be applied to land a job in the future. Identify the beliefs and ethics that correspond with marketable skills by examining a variety of job fields. Recognize commonalities between your employable abilities and the requirements of potential joint employers. Help students understand the importance of networking and help them stay abreast of industry trends and changes. What are the consequences of technology on a person's ability to get a job?

To make sure that the students know the importance of the knowledge and abilities they've obtained, they'll conduct an assessment. Students will be evaluated using a mastery method. A student's performance will be judged based on how well they meet the system's objectives and exhibit mastery of the material.

Weightage of the EMSK5012 Course Code in the Semester:

The course code EMSK5012 representing the unit, carries a weightage of 100% in this semester of the university. Several assessments determine the final course grade, and those scores are factored in.

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