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ECON21 Principle Of Microeconomics Assessment Answer

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This code is associated with the Dartmouth College Department of Economics. The prerequisite for the course code is Principles of microeconomics (Econ 1: The Price System) and differential and integral calculus (Math 3: Introduction to Calculus).

Unit Explanation

This course will offer a broad survey of the basic concepts of microeconomics theories including that of:

  • adverse selection and moral hazard
  • uncertainty and information
  • game theory
  • externalities and public goods
  • derivation of firm supply from technological constraints
  • competitive equilibrium and welfare implications
  • derivation of market demand from consumer preferences
  • imperfect competition models

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In this course, the student will be taught o employ the neoclassical paradigm, assuming that the behavior of economic agents is guided by the principles of maximizing an objective subject to resource constraints.

Furthermore, the goal of the course is to help the students develop an understanding and a thorough knowledge about the mathematical structure of microeconomics. Graphical and algebraic analysis will be used in the presentation of concepts. The course will rely heavily on the calculus knowledge, which is a major mathematical tool of modern economics. As a part of the training course, the students should develop the facility with the use of calculus in economics.

Learning outcomes

On the successful completion of this code, the student will be able to:

  • Apply quantitative and analytical thinking skills in the successful participation in the course
  • Prepare for theoretical work in any course in the economics major.
  • Prepare rigorous economic analysis used in the graduate school or technical jobs in the economics of policy analysis and to be able to read academic journal articles in the field.
  • Learn long-term skills necessary for leadership in any field, hence enhancing students’ ability to analyze, write, and speak about economics or any technical topic.

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Unit Details

Location - Hanover, USA

Unit code - ECON21

Study level - Postgraduate

Requirements of Course

  1. Participation and attendance- Students are expected to attend the scheduled course classes. The students will be prompted about the class schedule before every course class. The educator will keep a track of the attendance of the students. To ensure that the student is able to prepare and complete the problem sets in advance of the relevant class, the student must participate in every lecture. Even though the attendance is not included in the calculation of the raw scores of the assessment but the determination of grade cutoffs will be considered if students ask for recommendation letters.
  2. Problem sets- Every student will be assigned ten problem sets. The solution will not be graded and collected. The detailed answers to the problem will be reviewed in the class during working days.
  3. Exams- There will be three quizzes administered along with a final exam. The time of the exam will be declared during the exam. The quizzes will cover all the modules. However, the final exam is comprehensive, including questions that will cover the course materials from the remaining classes after the quiz. These questions will be based on the synthesis of the entire course material.

Academic integrity

Students are expected to abide by the academic regulations and ethics set by the university.

The exams will be closed book. The students are not allowed to collaborate for the test. The students have the provision to obtain help from others on problem sets that indeed encourage them to work with study groups. For group projects, the students are permitted and encouraged to share ideas and resources with the group members but not between groups. The students can discuss the paper ideas across groups on a philosophical level but the students are not allowed to get assistance from colleagues or writing centers, otherwise must work independently. The student must avoid engaging in falsification, cheating, plagiarism, and other activities that might lead to the encroachment of the academic integrity policy set by the university.

Students are expected to abide by the honor code. An honor code in this university is different from other universities in three ways (a) There is less overt proctoring and screening as students are assumed to be behaving honorably. (b) Students are expected to report peer honor-code violations. (c) Violations are met with harsh punishments.

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Computer resources

Handouts and problem sets will be distributed in the class and will be made available afterward through Canvas. The students are recommended to bring smartphones and laptops to the class.

Study groups

The students are allowed to organize informal study groups with fellow classmates in case they do not participate in the formal study program.


Students with learning, psychiatric and physical disabilities enrolled in this course that may need disability-related classroom accommodations are encouraged to make an office appointment to see the course coordinator in the second week of the term. All the discussions will remain confidential. Student Disability Services office may be consulted to discuss appropriate implementation of any recommendation.

Religious Observances

Some students might require to take part in religious observances that occur during the course of the academic term. The religious observances might clash with the class participation in the course, the student should meet the course coordinator in the second week of the term to discuss relevant accommodations.

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Assignment Details

Quizzes – The student has to take part in mandatory quizzes that will take place after every weekly reading. Participation in these quizzes will help the students gain a better grip of the weekly readings and improve their knowledge.

Paper – Report paper will be based on the critical reflective ability of the knowledge that the students have gained through the weekly classes. This assignment should be submitted on deadline and any delay in the submission of this report paper will lead to consequences.

Final exam – The final exam will be held on a closed-book basis and the students will have to mandatorily take part in the exam. The exam will include questions on the subject materials that have been taught in the class.

ECON21Assignment Weightage







Final exam


Perfect attendance

+1% extra credit

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