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CSC00240 Data Communications and Networks Assessment Answers

CSC00240 Assignment Answers

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CSC00240 Task Answers

The course code of CSC00240 represent data network and communication. It provides the students with skills for analyzing business needs while specifying the network requirements. Provides student with the required skills for analyzing business needs along with specifying the requirements of the network. The unit seem to cover key concept of the network technologies, communication technology and the network design. Students shall also gain understanding of the software and the hardware technology that drives the data exchange both between and within the information system.

The university for which the course seems to be associated is the Southern Cross University (SCU) which is basically an Australia based public university having campus at Coffs Harbour in the northern portion of the New South Wales, Lismore and Coolangatta. It holds a rank amongst the topmost 100 new universities across the world in terms of World University Rankings of Times Higher Education. The University remains governed by the Council which is also the reporting zone of Chief Executive Officer.

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The university council remains responsible for management of university affair. The key academic body delivering advice to the council on the academic matters happens to be the Academic Board. The council comprises of close to 15 members including vice chancellor, chancellor, chair of Academic board, two appointed members by minister, six appointed members by the council, three elected members of staff and one elected member of the student.

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Unit Details:

The unit manifested as the BSBADM506 describes the knowledge and the skills vital for the establishment of the standards for production along with the design of organizational document. It also includes the management of the document design as well as production process for ensuring the meeting of agreed standards. It applies to individuals who seem to be employed within the range of work environment that requires well recognized skills for using wide range of software package.

They have been found to utilize the skills of establishment, documentation, implementation and the dependable standard of designing the document within organization. The details of the unit include:

Location: Southern Cross University, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: CSC00240

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Brief of Assessment:

The assessment task is designed for extending and reinforcing knowledge and skill competence within a controlled and defined parameter based on learning outcome of every unit as well as the standards for performance requirements. This indicated setting of work associated task depending on the practical application which is being designing for putting across evidence of competence outcome within periodic and scheduled timeline. The students are likely to represent the required skills like documenting the organizational needs, capabilities and the requirement of information technology that is relevant to the design and the production of documents, founding of documentation standard for living up to the organizational requirements.

It also involves designing, testing and the amending of document associated template. It further involves development and implementation of documentation and training for supporting use of standard template not only for documentation but also for the incorporation of improvements as per the organizational requirements. It is also expected that students will also demonstrate the knowledge related with the document production process that involves the identification of the cost related to the application of standard documentation. It also takes into account the explanation of software application related to not only document design but also the organizational development.

This further calls for the need of identifying key provisions for pertinent legislation and regulations as well as codes and standards influencing production of document. There is also the need for outlining of policies of an organization along with procedures that remains associated with production of document. The available external source of expertise that remains available to an organization or a work group must also get listed.

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Weightage of the CSC00240 Course Code in the Semester:

The code has certain amount of weightage for the semester since it is part of curriculum. The data network and communication covered by this semester indicates the transmission of the digital data between two or more number of computers as well as a computer network or the data network is basically a telecommunications network which enables the computer in the exchange of the data. The physical level of connection between the network based computational device seems to be established either by using the cable media or the wireless media. It is to be noted that the best-known computer network happens to be internet.

It is vital to learn data communication and the computer network for basic understanding of the network. A system with computerized peripherals and the interconnected computers like printers is known as the computer network. This particular interconnection amongst the computers facilitates the sharing of information amongst them. Computers might also connect to one another either through the wired or the wireless media. It also enables the student in developing some idea about the network engineering which represents a complicated task involving firmware, software, engineering at the chip level, electric pulses and hardware. The entire networking concept is divided into various layers with each layer remaining involved in certain specific task and it remains independent of all the other layers.

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On the whole, all the networking task depends on all the layers which seem to share the data between them and they also rely on one another for taking up input and sending the output. The course also allows student to develop some idea about the internet which refers to the network of the networks. It is one of the biggest networks which seems to be existent on the planet. The internet immensely connects with the wide area network (WANs) and it might also have connection to home network and Local Area Network (LAN). The internet seems to use the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)/ Internet Protocol (IP) suite and make use of the IP since it addresses the protocol. In present day, internet seems to get widely implemented through the use of IPv4.

Due to the shortage of the address spaces, it seems to be gradually migrating from the IPv4 to IPv6. Internet enables the users in sharing and accessing enormous amount of the information across the world. It makes use of File Transfer Protocol (FTP), World Wide Web (WWW), video and audio streaming and the email service. At a wider level, the internet seems to work upon a client server model. The internet also makes use of the higher speed backbone of the fiber optics. To inter-connect different continent, fibers seem to laid even under the sea and is known as the submarine communication cables.

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