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CON321 Health Related Research Assessment Answer

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CON321 Health-Related Research

The code CON321 is for the subject of Health-related Research at the University of Southern Maine in the United States. The course emphasises understanding the research process I was related to the health industry as well as medical issues. When performing health-related research, findings contribute to applying knowledge into professional practises in the health industry.

The students in this course will be supported in terms of developing fellowships, research work, as well as theoretical innovations that will contribute to application towards professional, practises in the health professions. This course will make it easier for the health workers to use theoretical understanding into practical implementation and application of those research findings into understanding issues that have been identified over a certain period of time in the health industry.

Through this course, the students will be encouraged to achieve using innovation as well research-based directives that contributes to adjusting a prerequisite leading to health workers such as doctors, social workers, nurses and others. The course not only contributes to the understanding of research regarding health but also about establishing healthy relationships as well as engagement of one’s health in the workplace in a positive manner.

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Unit details:

The unit is inclusive of understanding health-related conditions and the way it is an important part of an individual’s personal and professional growth. Research-based health-related issues are taught to the students through this unit leading to them developing a rational for diagnostic impressions, considerations as well as treatment recommendations. As individuals, the students under this course not only learns about the biopsychosocial spiritual aspects but also learn to implement practical approaches towards diagnosing the health-related issues in the workplace as well as providing solutions for the same. Relevant details regarding physical and psychological issues experienced by an individual as well as its integration in terms of recommending a better approach in terms of establishing a lifestyle that is both supportive of one’s perspective as well as practises is significant. The diagnostic considerations that I made helps in the students learning of the four factors that are relevant to the issues and health related research. The biological, psychological, social and spiritual aspects not only contributes to professional growth but also leads to differentiating between mental disorders, physical injuries as well as professional exhaustion. The students are therefore taught in the schools to develop research that are health-related as well as establish impressions that will contribute to their motivation of understanding health-related issues and the need for performing research in the future regarding the same.

Students performing research not only help their clients but also contributes to the future of medical history as well as professional literature in the form of articles, journals and research papers are developed. Often key issues are identified by the students in this course and it is a way of helping them develop their version of the diagnosis and implementing them by performing research of professional papers. The students are also supported by providing case studies that will help the students understand their actions and their implementations in a better way.

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University of Southern Maine, United States

Study level:

Postgraduate (Major) level

Unit code:

CON321 Health-related Research

Briefs of assessment

The first assessment in this course is when the students are given a question based on watching a nova documentary, the deadly deception. The documentary is available on different sources such as YouTube or any local library and the students are asked to discuss the ethical consideration of protecting study partners who might have been violated. The principles are evaluated by the students by informing their understanding of the violation of the rights as well as the need for protection for the study partners effectively contributing towards implementation of the course. The students are asked to write about the history of the course and the way the need for confidentiality and privacy are important when performing a research. Not only that the students also contribute to Ruby their understanding of this course has led to effective ethical consideration when performing research. In the second assessment, the students are asked to write about a discussion regarding positive workplace and healthy relationships that are necessary for eight.

Through this topic, the students are asked to perform research in terms of interacting the relation between employees as well as organisation. Examining the relations contributes to fostering healthy relationships in the organisation it is something that is students are asked to write about. Through these two assessments, the student's positivity is evaluated as well as their understanding of the relationships is deeply identified.

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Weightage of the CON321 course code in the semester:

The weightage of the code CON321 for the subject of Health-related Research for this semester is 100%. The course is significant in terms of teaching the students articulation of the research and the ethical concerns that must be addressed. Often health-related research requires confidentiality therefore the students must learn about effective implementation of principles and privacy.

As learners, the unit contributes to the personal and professional development and understanding of the students when it comes to performing research. The equivalent transfer of information and data through practical implementation of a theoretical understanding is observed through calculation of the students understanding of the topic. Often there are changes that must be incorporated in the research therefore in this unit the students are taught about collaborating with different aspects of the research as well as helping the students understand the significance of conducting research. The unit not only helps in establishing an effective ground for the need for health-based research but also makes it interesting in terms of providing information and performing activities.

Through this course, the students learn about their own capability of performing research and incorporating any changes that might occur in the way. The course is supportive when it comes to creating information towards a theoretical understanding of the research as well as identifying the key factors that contribute to conducting the agreement of the research. The unit teaches that the outcome of any research is ultimately an achievement of the students that they have acquired through research.

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