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CIS5675 Project Management Assessment Answers

CIS5675 Assignment Answers

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CIS5675 Task Answers

The designing of the assessment task will be for the reinforcement as well as extension of the skills and knowledge with the set as well as controlled parameters according to the learning outcomes as well as performance criteria of each unit, including the setting of the work based practical application tasks which is designed for offering evidence of competence outcomes with the periodic as well as scheduled timelines.

It is expected from the students that they will show the needed skills- identification of the needs as requirements of the firm along with the capabilities of the information technology relevant to the production as well as design of documents, development of the standards of documentation for meeting the requirements of the organisation, designing, amending as well as testing the templates of the documents, establishing as well as implementing training as well as documentation for supporting the use of standard templates as well as macros and checking the implementation of the standard documentation templates as well as macros and make improvements in line with the requirements of the organisation.

Even the firm which are not tech centric requires software for the management of their purchase orders or the networks for getting online. There must be proper management of each and every technology goals of the organisation so that the business can be successful. It is also expected that the students will demonstrate the knowledge of examining the process of document production, describing the software application that is relevant to the design as well as development of the document in the firm, identification of the main provisions of the relevant legislation as well as regulations, codes as well as standards that affects the production of documents.

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After completing the course of project management, students will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics of the project along with its different stages
  • Understand the conceptual clarity of the organisation of the project as well as feasibility analyses
  • They will be able to understand the concepts of management of project starting from planning to the project execution
  • They will have a better understanding of the network analysis tool for the estimation of time and cost

In this course CIS5675, the students will be offered a general overview of the examination of business along with the procedures as well as standards of management of project, then delve into the depth of the way in which the needs of the business planning along with the management fit in to these procedures and the way specific tools and techniques are applied for the success of a project. One of the most significant and effective way of delivering products or services in the constraint of scope, cost as well as schedule is project management.

Unit Details:

Location: University Of Central Missouri, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: CIS5675

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Brief of Assessment:

Researching on the problems of business is a significant part of the professional practice and being a successful business leader as well as manager. This is a capstone unit which draws upon the area of specialisation as well as the student’s wider knowledge of the environment of business both internationally as well as locally. The aim of this unit is the development of the skills in undertaking an independent professional research project. the students will engage in carrying out an applied research project in their selected business discipline for the identification of the challenge as well as development of probable solutions as well as recommendations.

The unit demands independent research and autonomy in analysis and review of the secondary sources with respect to the profession, establishment of the research questions, examination of the data and information as well as identification of the solutions along with recommendation. A critical aspect of this unit is to develop insight and offer recommendations which might enhance the profession as well as the roles normally undertaken in industry and business through individuals in the identified profession.

The main focus of the assessment is to introduce research students to a scientific approach of understanding management, marketing along with the internal business issues. The main emphasis is to provide the students with the primary skills as well as knowledge for undertaking the qualitative as well as quantitative research and to essentially examine the research that is conducted through others.

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Weightage of the CIS5675 Course Code in the Semester:

Assessment Task


Individual assessment


Group assessment


End of semester test


This unit is graded. The overall grade will be calculated through the grades or the marks for each assessment task, on the basis of the relative weightings displayed in the above table. The students must score overall mark for the unit of at least 50% or an overall grade of “pass” for passing the unit.

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