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CHECCS015 Individualized Support Assessment Answer

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CHECCS015 Individualized Support:

This code defines the notion and skills that is required to organize, provide as well as monitor support services within the restrictions established by the individualized plan. The individualized plan implies to the support or the provision of service plan developed for the people accessing the service as well as might have a lot of different names in the different firms. This code is applicable to the employees who give support bunder direct or even indirect supervision in any services of community or context of health. All of the skills within this unit has to be implemented in accordance to the Commonwealth and State Territory Legislation, standards of Australia as well as codes of the industry for practice.

Unit Details:

Unit Code: CHECCS015 Individualized Support

Location: Australia

Study Level: Vocational and further education (TAFE)

University: Victoria University. The university is known for acknowledging, recognising as well as respecting the ancestors, Elders, and families of Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung of the Kulin who are the conventional owners of the University land in Victoria as well as the Gadigal and Guring- gai of the Eora Nation who are the conventional owners of university land within Sydney.

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Brief of CHECCS015 Assessment:

The performance criteria for this code CHECCS015 Individualized Support are shown as follows:

    • To determine the support needs; this is by interpretation as well as clarification of the own role in the implementation of the individualized plan as well as seek for suitable supports for the facets outside of the scope of their own notion, job role or skills. It is also to confirm the individualized plan details with the individual as well as with family when it is suitable. It is also to ensure that the individual is aware of their complaints processes and rights. It is also to note how they can work with the individual for identifying actions as well as activities that support the individualized plan and even promote the independence of the person as well as their rights to make an informed decision- making. Finally ensuring to prepare for the support activities as per the individualized plan of the person, organization policies, preferences, procedures and protocols.
    • To provide support services; it is through conducting exchanges with the individual in a way that develops as well as maintains trust. It is also through the provision of support as per the individualized plan, the preferences and strengths of a person, as well as organizational policies, procedures, and protocols. Furthermore, through assembling of equipment as and when essential according to the established processes and individualized plan. Through utmost respect and inclusion of family as part of the support team. Provision of support as per the duty of care as well as the dignity of the requirements of risk and to maintain a safe as well as healthy, clean environment. Through respecting the individual differences for making sure that the maximum dignity as well as privacy while giving support and looking for assistance while it is not possible to give suitable support.

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  • To monitor support activities of own work for making sure that the required support standard is maintained and to involve the person in the discussions about how the support services are meeting their needs as well as any requirement for the change. To identify the facets of the individualized plan which might need review as well as discuss it with the supervisor and participate in the discussion with the individual as well as supervisor in a way that supports the individual’s self-determination.
  • To complete reporting as well as documentation; through maintenance of confidentiality as well as privacy of the individual in all of the dealings within the firm’s policy or protocols. It is also to be done through compliance with the firm’s informal as well as formal reporting requirements inclusive of the reporting observation to the supervisors and recognize as well as respond to the scenarios of potential or actual risk within the scope of their own role and report to the supervisor as needed. Recognize as well as report the signs of the additional or the unmet needs of the individual as well as refer according to the requirements of the organization and their confidentiality. It can be done after completing and maintaining the documentation as per the policy and protocols of the organization through appropriate storage of information as per the policy and protocols of the firms.

It is to be noted that the foundation skills define those essential skills like literacy, language, and numeracy or so on which is needed for the performance. The foundation skills required for performance are absolutely explicit in terms of performance criteria for this unit of competency regarding CHECCS015 Individualized Support. As for the performance evidence, the learners have to demonstrate evidence of their abilities for completing tasks outlined in the components as well as performance criteria for this unit, manage the tasks as well as manage contingencies within the scope of the job role; hence, the learners should show evidence that they have utilized individualized plans as the base for the support of 3 individuals. The candidates have to be able to demonstrate the required notion essential for efficiently completing tasks outlined within the components and the performance criteria of this unit CHECCS015 Individualized Support, management of tasks as well as manage contingencies in the context of their work role inclusive of the notion regarding:

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  • Carers and family
  • Rationale and procedures underpinning the individualized support delivery and planning
  • Person being supported
  • Health professionals
  • Dignity of risk

Weightage of CHECCS015 Course Code in the Semester:

This code CHECCS015 Individualized Support would have a complete weightage of 100% on the whole semester. The students are expected to achieve at least 50% in order to pass the whole semester and meet up with the assessment criteria as well as be able to provide the evidence for their respective performance through their foundation skills.

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