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BUSN601 Global Management Perspectives Assessment Answer

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BUSN601 Global Management Perspectives

Global management is a distinctive field of business leadership that concentrates on the quality of managing and cooperating of people, resources, facilities, and strategies to go above and beyond expectations when it comes to the goals and objectives of the business on a global scale. `Global management is an international business practice in which a company or an organization utilizes its management team on an international level. International students should consider studying global management if they would like to consider pursuing an international career.

A global manager oversees the sales, marketing, finances, hiring, etc. worldwide as opposed to just nationally. An example of a multinational company that requires a global manager is the consumer goods company, Proctor and Gamble. This company is headquartered in Ohio, USA, however, the company also operates out of many other countries around the world. This is just an example, but there are many other companies and organizations like Proctor and Gamble that hire global managers.

University the code is associated with

 The subject teaches then global management principles and its perfectives they aim at making sure that students are aware of how to view things from a global management perspective. The code is currently associated with the American Public University.

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Unite details:

Location – US

Study level – Postgraduate

Unit code – BUSN601

Brief of BUSN601 Assessment

A global perspective is when someone can think about a situation as it relates to the rest of the world. It may seem silly to some that every business should be concerned with what goes on in another country, but today we're all connected in a lot of ways. When it comes to delivery of the course the university has offline as well as online methods. The university has a student portal that students can access from anywhere at any time for various kinds of tasks. All student material will be available online once the respected faculty members upload it online on the portal and students can access it all the time.

There are discussion forums where students can discuss relevant matters for growth and development by sharing each other’s views and knowledge as peer support is important and peer learning is effective. There will be plenty of practice examinations and case studies available on the portal for the students to follow or to practice at any given point in time so that they can improve find their flaws and work on development.

Also, the students can raise a request for extra classes or remedial classes that will be later reviewed by the university, and later a class will be scheduled for the student. The university has managed to implement the feature of having an e-library that will give the students access to a wide variation of e-books and journals all of which are relevant to their subject of study so that they can get all the needed help.

This course examines issues and functions that business managers face within the context of day-to-day operations and long-term planning of the organization. Topics include strategic management, legal issues, marketing, law and ethics, and global dimensions of businesses. BUSN601, Global Management Perspective examines issues and functions that business managers face within the context of day-to-day operations and long-term planning of the organization. Topics include strategic management, legal issues, marketing, law and ethics, and global dimensions of businesses.

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There are certain things that the students will be expected to do on completion of the course. These are the learning outcomes of the course. After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • The students must be able to implement various foundational tools and should be able to use them to prepare for global business landscapes.
  • The students must be able to critique the components of the different targeted marketing mix options concerning their prices, product, promotion, and place to meet specific customer needs or demands.
  • The students must be able to examine the various influences of the regional trading organizations on business opportunities and constraints.
  • The students must be able to evaluate how regulatory laws and other business laws affect the various decisions making of the company.
  • The students must be able to assess the influence of different cultural perspectives on global business operations.
  • The students must be able to differentiate the different key elements of legal contracts including business sales, employment, foreign government business, and real estate contracts.
  • The students must be able to justify the various use of financial components of the strategic management process.
  • The students must be able to rate the importance of all kinds of market research in developing a global initiative.
  • Appraise how employment law constrains choices for the organization
  • The students must be able to develop all kinds of business applications and processes into an overall global initiative.

The Weightage of the courses

The most important part of a manager is punctuality and discipline hence the university has given attendance 10% weightage. This is the best representation of punctuality and discipline for the students. Then there will quiz that will have 20% weightage the topics will be all chapters that were taught till then along with current affairs related to the subject.

Then there will be the mid-term examination that will have 30% weightage and this will follow the traditional question answers format. The chapters that were taught in the first phase will be a part of the syllabus. Then there will be a report writing project that will have 20% weightage where the students will be given a case study which they will have to analyze.

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The case study will have a real existing company with current data and realistic problems which they have to identify and provide solutions. The solutions should be justified and should be able to fix the challenge. The last 20% weightage is given to the final examination that will take place in the university itself and will include all chapters taught till then. This will also follow the traditional question and answer format where students will give questions and they will have to write the answers within the given allotted time.

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