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BUSI 330 Principles of Marketing Assessment Answer

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BUSI 330 Principles of Marketing

The course is designed to offer a concrete and coherent idea in terms of shaping up the fundamental concepts related to marketing. The core concepts of marketing are comprised of a range of dimensions that encompass the internal and external environments of an organization. The course creates a platform to students to become aware of the principles of marketing management across a range of retail sectors focused on product and service offerings.

The course familiarizes the students with the strategies and techniques related to media selection, as part of the marketing management curriculum. One of the significant principles of marketing highlighted through the course includes the analysis of consumer segments and the correlation with the designing of overall marketing strategies.  The curriculum focuses on the range of segmentation techniques that can be applied to cater to the target range of consumers.

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The course offers the students the platform to apply an appropriate range of relevant segmentation strategies and align those with the marketing management procedure. The unit takes a holistic view in terms of correlating the various dimensions of marketing. The curriculum creates coordination among the quality of product or services, the overall pricing strategy, distribution channels, and promotional strategies. Ideally, the students will be equipped with the knowledge of creating coherent designs based on a clear rationale that links all the dimensions. The consideration and understanding of each of the dimensions help the students to create an effective plan that helps in creating concrete brand awareness among target consumers.

The students are provided with the scope of being familiarized with the overall key theoretical frameworks that help to determine the feasible marketing and promotional strategy, from the perspective of an organization. Ideally, one of the key marketing principles is to create promotional plans that are aligned with the strategic identity of a brand. As part of the marketing management, the students will be introduced with the strategic tools to analyze and determine the persona of a particular brand.

An understanding of the overall personality of a brand creates the platform for designing a cohesive marketing plan for the target group of consumers. Moreover, the course provides the strategic tools to identify and analyze the shifts in preference, demand, and taste of the target groups of consumers. The course further equips the students with the skills and knowledge to conduct relevant research, in terms of marketing management.

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The scope of marketing research will include product designing, analysis of the pricing strategy adopted by rivals, media selection in terms of the promotional approach. The alignment among consumer perception, marketing messages and the overall brand identity is among the key learning outcomes of the overall course. The course introduces with theoretical tools that analyze the intensity of competition in specific industries. The nature of competition, strategies adopted by the rivals within an industry collectively shape up the designing of the overall marketing management planning. The course aims to develop the overall conceptions regarding marketing principles through practical and relevant fundamental theoretical aspects.

Unit Details

The unit primarily focuses on the application of the core principles of marketing in the context of real-life scenarios, across various retail segments. The students are offered the scope to analyze the extent and nature of marketing management, by assessing the internal resources of an organization and the shifts in the external environment. The unit offers the theoretical tools related to the analysis of the scope of implementing marketing tactics. The frequency, pattern of marketing messages will determine the collective perception of a particular brand on the consumers.  The students will be equipped with the knowledge, skill, and expertise to create well-aligned marketing management plans in this context. Ideally, the marketing plans will consider all the critical elements of the internal and external business environment.

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Liberty University, Virginia, United States

Study Level


Unit Code

BUSI 330

BUSI 330 Assessment Brief

One of the key objectives of the assessment will be to evaluate the ability to associate marketing principles with the scope of enhancing brand identities of various products and service categories. The students will be provided with case studies that reflect issues that are related with marketing management of organizations. The evaluation criteria in this will include a range of dimensions. One of the key dimensions will be the ability to think critically and apply the theoretical knowledge related to marketing principles, to provide feasible sets of solutions. The assessment will also involve the range of knowledge in terms of the analytical models in terms of marketing management and core principles. The ability of the students to align the core principles of marketing management with the strategic goals and objectives of a brand will be among the core assessment criteria.

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The assessment criteria will further involve the evaluation of the students’ aptitude in terms of recommending a range of feasible media. Media management will be considered a critical factor of the overall marketing management assessment. The students will also be assessed based on their abilities to conduct coordinated research, as part of the overall marketing management curriculum. The assessment criteria will focus on the ability of the students to consider the internal resources of an organization, in terms of recommending specific marketing management plans. The analysis of the internal resources will include the product portfolio, financial resources, preferred distribution channels and supply chain partners, overall marketing budget, among other aspects. The evaluation will be based on the overall alignment of the marketing principles with the limitations and scopes offered by the internal organizational resources.

Weightage of BUSI330 Course Code in the Semester:

The overall course will be sub-divided into core fundamental modules related to marketing management and its overall application. The modules will include collaborative marketing strategy implementation, consumer segmentation principles, and analysis, Application of marketing research knowledge, and application of relevant marketing models. Each of the course modules will be associated with a minimum qualifying criterion of 50%. The modules will be based on both individual and collaborative assessments. The overall weightage will be distributed evenly among the modules. Each of the modules will carry a weightage of 25%. The full-time course will require students to attend regular classes to qualify, based on the overall assessment.

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