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BUS707 Applied Business Research Assessment Answers

BUS707 Assignment Answers

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BUS707 Task Answers

The code BUS707 is the code for the subject Applied Business Research where the conceptualization of designs of research process is thoroughly taught and research area problems are evaluated. The course is for the university of Kings Own Institute in Australia and it is based on the detailed teaching and learning of the students in terms of qualitative and quantitative research studies and their implementation on applied business research.

The course is based on the building of a detailed understanding among students in terms of performing business research inclusive of professional accounting thus, making students more appreciative of the research. The course helps spread awareness among students on the significance of appropriate research performed so that effective implementation on the practical use of the knowledge and skills acquired in the process.

The students also learn the significance of ethical issues and their integration into different types of research performed on the business areas and the way, it can be reflective on the knowledge acquisition and implementation by the students.

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Unit Details:

The unit is based on the learning of conceptualization of accounting, professional accounting, software and electronic related to the commercial integration of accounting. The unit dictates a detailed understanding of different business organisations and operations in relation to the significance of accounting and its implementation on daily functions of the organisation.

Application of professional accounting, software accounting and others are evaluated based on their impact on commercial performances of the businesses as well as the business industry in Australia. This can be evaluated based on performing business research approach towards understanding the impact of modernisation and globalisation on the world economy as well as the the challenges that are often faced in performing accounting.

The concept of accounting information systems are evaluated in the Senate and the students are taught in terms of accounting information system which works as a tool in the field of IT. The economic financial area is one of the critical aspects of any business therefore performing a research in the business field will help the students in acquiring a detailed understanding of financial and non-financial performances of an organisation and the impact it faces in terms of management team controlling the issues and implementing strategies.

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The Unit is inclusive of effective comprehensive, coherent and current knowledge which is implied in terms of applied research methods through recent development. The technical and cognitive skills of the students are evaluated in terms of their professional skills and their knowledge of professional accounting thus, the concept of ethical principles of the students can also be better measured.

The attributes of the unit in terms of the social responsibility, sensitivity, cultural understanding among students in their personal and professional performance. Effective implementation of leadership and strategies is reflected by the students and their performance in appreciation to their learning through research approach.

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: BUS707

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Briefs of Assessment:

The assessments are mostly based on the in-class assessment in terms of the quizzes as well as the assignment in terms of the students preparing structured literature review and research proposal. Both these assessments is in written form and carries the feedback provided in the previous assessments. The assessment are inclusive of brief implementation of theoretical concept of business accounting where after attending the classes, the students must resolve weekly worksheets.

This contributes to the development of subject knowledge in the students through the support materials and resources provided through the module reflects the need for the students to be aware of the research approach and its significance in terms of business. The ability of the students is evaluated through these assessments informs of the way the acquired knowledge of the course, reflects certain attributes such as critical thinking, communication, information literacy and research, strategy and leadership, cultural and ethical sensitivity, professional skills and creative problem solving skills.

The expertise required by the students is evaluated in relation to their decision making ability and the problem solving that is reflected through the business research. The initiatives taken by the students to answer the questions in the oral assessment that is at the end of the assessment reflects the students’ knowledge and skills in terms of their information and research literacy. When the students can achieve effective understanding of objectives and their plan to reflect on the professional practice of accountability and the way judgement, decision-making, personal autonomy, professional accounting and others.

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Weightage of the BUS707 Course Code in the Semester:

The weightage of the course Applied Business Research for this code BUS707 is going to be marked out of 20 and considering there are six criteria based on which the percentage for the module provided, it can be stated as a total of 100%. The total credit point for this course code is 4 and it gives an overview on the research approach in the business industry especially in relation to Australian market.

The marks will be accordingly given in terms of the students’ performance in the assessment where their understanding, knowledge, implementation and practical relevance of skills can be evaluated. The professional integration of knowledge and the way the students can learn the concepts that are being taught through the assessments such as Introduction, research methodology, structured literature review, Research proposal, ethical analysis and others.

There is also an oral presentation therefore, it is important for the students to be well aware of their knowledge and skills that has been acquired throughout this course with effective implementation of practical reflection. The students must submit their own work and it is important for them to understand the given requisite in terms of effective knowledge acquisition and the given learning objectives of this course.

This not only contributes to the growth of the students in terms of their awareness of the research but it also shows their dedication towards managing deadlines as well as not giving penalties for their inability to perform as per their demanding workloads. Communication through the performance of the students in terms of their learning of the research approaches and their interpretation of theoretical integration and proposition is measured through the assessment in this course code.

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