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BUS402 Project Management Assessment Answers

BUS402 Assignment Answers

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BUS402 Task Answers

This course will walk you through the nuts and bolts of project management. From understanding the project life cycle to setting priorities and expectations to controlling expenses and reporting results, project management touches several resources within organizations. You will examine roles and environments and various techniques of planning, evaluation, and control. An overview of the tools used in contemporary project management will also be discussed throughout the course. While many associate project managements with military logistics, information technology, and construction, project management procedures are integrated into some aspect of most occupations. Today, in addition to their normal duties, employees are often expected to take on additional assignments to get the job done on time and under budget.

The lesson plan in the course would focus on concept like technology, employment or corporate laws, conflict management followed by communication and other key elements of managing the change of human relations. The learning materials, class lecture notes, text books and other online materials would be effective and efficient for the students to enhance their skills.

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Unit Details:

Unit Code: BUS402

Name of University: Saylor Academy

Location: United States

Brief Of Assessment:

Concepts of Project Management

The concept of project management is considered as the key element that would have adequate impact on the overall understanding towards the specific objectives along with other final deliverables that would help in understanding as well as constraining the finite timescale and his budget. It is important to develop an understanding of management along with the deliveries of final deliverable that would have significant along with finite timespan. It is also essential that management along with the ongoing process would have significant role in designing the wide ranges of skills that would develop and improve the technical skills along with developing the people management skills. It is essential to develop the key element that would have significant impact on the global business. Following components would be considered within the project management that would have an adequate impact on the overall business.

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  • Understanding the importance of project
  • Capturing the requirements of project
  • Specifying and identifying the qualities within the deliverables
  • Estimating the overall resources
  • Preparing and developing the business case
  • Motivating as well as providing the guidance to leas the project with the help of delivery team
  • Securing the funding along with corporate agreement.
  • Monitoring as well as progressing against the overall plan
  • Closing the overall project within the controlled fashion whenever appropriate
  • Managing provider
  • Management of project budget

Weightage of this BLO1105 Course Code in Their Semester:

It is important to gain the ultimate and final product that may need certain changes and effects within the business. It has been found that there have been significant beneficiaries in the organization that would instigate the project along with requiring the formal management that would help in delivering the end product. The management of project would help in aiming as well as ending the product that would bring certain changes and have the beneficial outcome in the organization. It would also develop the skill of formal management in designing the key outcome along with producing the tangible as well as having the finite timespan. It is important as it has developed the overall approach of developing greater impact in accomplishing the desired outcomes and results. The management approach would also help in ensuring the efficiency as well as developing the best value with the help of adequate usage of resources. Satisfying the overall needs and understanding towards the stakeholders of the project as well as accomplishing the need of the organization is the key essential role for project management.

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Projects are essential as it will help in developing separate approach from considering the business-as-usual activities that would need the overall deliveries of solution in setting up the requirements along with developing the budget as well as timeframe. It is important that projects would work as an effective teamwork that would have significant to the successful projects along with developing the effective teamwork in understanding the projects along with accomplishing the objectives. It is important to understand and develop the significant elements and expressions that would have the outputs. Certain key elements such as outcome, benefits along with the strategic objectives are considered within the project management. The concept of project management would be used and manage with multiple teams of people as well as considering the skillsets that are needed within the project management. Certain settings and organizations are developing and addressing the businesses.Some of them are IT sector, finance and law, followed by transport and infrastructure, along with building and construction that would have significant impact in the industries as well as businesses in developing the efficient outcome in the market.

Figure represents the four important attributes that would combinedly called and considered as ‘triple constraint’ and hence, it would help in practicing and improving the project management. The project should be cost-effective that would help in gaining adequate revenues along with the approach of delivering and completing the project within the time. It is also important to develop the scope of projects that would help in developing the quality along with satisfying the demands within the client quality. It is essential and important that project management would help in improving the quality with identified attributes within the figure.

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Some of the skillsets required for project managers would be leadership, influencing, people management, along with effective communication and negotiations that would be helpful in implementing the project management. Followed by certain element of time management and creative thinking along with problem-solving skills would be helpful in developing and implementing the project management. It is essential to develop the implementation of all key stages that would have impact on the performances as well as project efficiencies.

From the above discussion, it can be understood that project is considered as temporary that would have unique approach and unique product as well as services that would have significant project management plan that may be realistic along with achievable. It is not about managing people however; it is more about bifurcates the tasks and other activities within the management initiatives.

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