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BUS401 Principles of Finance Assessment Answers

BUS401 Assignment Answers

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BUS401 Task Answers

Finance can be considered one of the most interesting and important academic disciplines which provides individuals with the opportunity to work in different sectors and also enhance professionals’ skills. Finance teaches students the distinction between value and price, as well as their significance and influence in the business decisions we make every day. It also aids in the creation of value and the comprehension of value's long-term impacts. Finally, a student will be able to improve analytical skills if he or she has a thorough understanding of money.

An individual will be able to make sound financial decisions that will allow them to achieve financial independence, build own wealth, and expand the spending power. Through financial planning, investing, problem-solving, and budgeting, a finance student learns how to collaborate with companies to simplify operations. Finance and financial management services students understand how finance professionals assist firms in making and maintaining profits. Business finance, also known as corporate finance in the business sector, is in charge of allocating resources, developing economic predictions, evaluating equity and debt financing options, and other tasks inside a company.  

Finances is a difficult subject to study as you must deal with large amounts of data and maintain track of numerous details in the brain. During their undergraduate years, students who want to become skilled financial assignment experts and work as a financial analyst, forecaster, or controller must cope with difficult issues. A finance degree, on the other hand, can ensure you a successful job; nevertheless, you will have to give practically all of your spare time to get high results. If students feel like they can't handle everything on your own, skilled specialists can assist you with your financial homework. One would save a lot of time and satisfy the teacher's criteria if the one used a dependable service. Such a selection will assist anyone in resolving any of the issues that finance students confront while learning.

In general, several universities across the globe offer different finance courses for different study levels. However, Saylor Academy provides finance courses based on its application in different aspect and thus provide broader scope in developing skills and acquire knowledge in those particular fields.

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Unit Details:

Week 1 Assignment, Financial Management Challenges and Ethics

Week 1 Discussion 1: The Role of Financial Management in a Firm

Week 1 Discussion 2: Financial Statements

Week 1 Quiz 1

Week 1 Quiz 2


Week 2 Assignment, Net Present Amount and Future Amount

Week 2 Discussion 1: Financial Website and Article Review

Week 2 Discussion 2: Investing in Bonds

Week 2 Journal, Present and Future Values

Week 2 Journal

Week 2 Quiz 1

Week 2 Quiz 2


Week 3 Discussion 1, Cash Flows and Financial Forecast

Week 3 Discussion 2, Capital Budgeting

Week 3 Quiz 1Week 3 Quiz 2Week 4 Assignment, Showing Risks in Management


Week 4 Discussion 1: Financial Risk and Reward

Week 4 Discussion 2: Cost of Capital

Week 4 Journal, Risk and Return

Week 4 Quiz


Week 5 Final Paper, Evaluation of Corporate Performance03 Papers (Facebook, Netflix, Regions Bank)

Week 5 Discussion 1: Ratio Analysis

Week 5 Discussion 2: Applying Ratios to a Business

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Location: Saylor Academy, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: BUS401

Brief of Assessment:

BUS401 Principles of Finance is a course code offered by Saylor Academy. This is composed of 3 credits. This course code includes basic corporate related finance knowledge. Risk and return, bond and stock markets, valuation of bonds and equities, present value analysis, internal rate of return analysis, and project analysis utilizing the weighted average cost of capital are all covered in this basic corporate finance course.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize the issues that firms confront in today's global marketplace.
  • Explain why corporations care about ethical behavior.
  • Compare and contrast the benefits and drawbacks of various business structures.
  • Explain why entrepreneurship is so important to the US economy.
  • Explain the traits of a successful entrepreneur.
  • Explain the four basic roles of management.
  • Discuss several perspectives on how managers encourage their workforce.
  • Identify the most important tasks in the design of a manufacturing process.
  • Explain the marketing mix's four components.
  • Discuss how financial statements are analysed by consumers of financial data.
  • Talk on important economic principles including scarcity, supply, and demand.
  • Explain the importance of human resource management in today's workplace.

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Weightage of the BUS401 Course Code in the Semester:

The weightage of the course include 3 Credits.

Hence it can be concluded that business finance is one of the most interesting disciplines which provides the students broad scope and career options. BUS401 Principles of finance offered by Saylor Academy is very useful for a student who is willing to establish a career in Business finance. This course covers all the basic finance principles that are required extensively in business purposes.

Some of the learning outcomes associated with this course code might include recognizing the issues that firms confront in today's global marketplace, explaining why corporations care about ethical behavior, comparing and contrasting the benefits and drawbacks of various business structures.

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