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BUS375 Project Management Assessment Assessment Answer

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BUS375 Project Management

BUS375 is mainly conducted at Strayer University which is located in Virginia. The course is mainly focused on presenting the fundaments of management projects and even brings to evaluation the basic application of the entire process. The project life cycle’s stages are also evaluated and reviewed within this course. The students are made aware of the varying stages of project management. The stages of organizing the management of the project are also brought under review within this course. The students also happen to gain an understanding of the various measures of controlling a project and even the basic evaluation of the project is carried out in this course.

BUS375 also gives the students an idea about the negotiation which is carried out for the effective management of the project factors and even the resource that are available to them. The students through this course come to an understanding of the way different factors of management interact with each other to meet the goals that is set by them. The different strategies of management are also introduced within this course and these strategies are not simply stated but rather the students are also made aware of the application of different management strategies in varying situations while carrying out a project.

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In addition, the various frameworks of project management are also taught to the student and the application of the same is evaluated closely with the help of different evaluation methods. The student gets constant guidance throughout the course and most importantly this course opens doors to a number of opportunities for the students.

BUS375 also talks about the key concepts of project management and how the management process can be carried out without much issues and in a much smoother way. This course is mainly aimed at providing the students with an in-depth idea about how the projects can be managed effectively in order to meet both the short-term and long-term goals in detail. The factors which directly affect the project and its management id also evaluated and analyzed within this course. The quality required while planning out is also detailed in this course and so are the conflicts which may arise while handling a project.

Unit details: -

Location: - Strayer University, Virginia.
Study level: - Post Graduate level.
Unit code: - BUS375

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Brief of BUS375 Assessment: 

The assessment consists of two parts where the first part is focused on informing the students about the key concepts, frameworks, and methods. The students in this section of the assessment indulge in extensive reading and these readings are aimed at forming the foundation of student understanding. The assessment states the important ideas which would be extremely helpful for the student especially in dealing with the second section of this assessment which involves the implementation of the theories and concepts which is learnt in this unit.

The main aim of this section is to ensure that the students have a clear understanding about all the basic concept. The basic concepts of the student have to be cleared in this unit of the assessment. The second unit puts the understanding of the student to the test. In other words, the initial unit is restricted to bookish reading but the same cannot be said for the second unit which is mostly based on the application of the theories and frameworks which is learned till this point. In order to evaluate the students and their understanding, this unit consists of a number of case studies that need to be addressed by the students.

The students in this case are provided with the basic details of a company and even the details of the project are provided. The case study would be typically followed by a set of questions that act as a guiding principle for the student. The students have to apply their knowledge of the subject and project management in general to solve the given set of questions.

In addition to the case studies, the students are also provided with the requirement to create a report on project management in general. This report happens to hold the maximum amount of weightage and is evaluated by the teachers.

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Weightage of this BUS375 Course Code in the Semester

This course holds a great amount of importance this semester and this is mostly because management as a whole is extremely important in this semester and the success of a company is mostly possible if the aspect of the company and the project are managed effectively. This course helps the students in gaining an understanding about a number of key factors associated with marketing which not only helps the student in this course but in the entire semester which is mostly based on management.

The students get a strong understanding about how to structure an organizational plan in this course and this knowledge does help the student in formulating a number of plans in the entire semester. In addition, the students also adopt an analytical view which is extremely important as a whole. The strategies of pricing and estimating area also taught in this course which can be extremely helpful in a number of areas of management and even budgeting to some extent which are a crucial part of the management studies.

The success of the project in general in the ability to manage and balance all the aspects of a project effectively to draw the greatest number of results. This course does help in establishing a keen understanding about how the organization function and how a project can be created with utmost efficiency. The knowledge gathered in this course can help in effectively using the resources that is available in carrying out a project. The management of risk factors is also taught within this course.

This is mainly the reason why this course holds importance within the semester. It in general is extremely important for the students as it gives an understanding of the role of managers.

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