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BUS101 Business Communication Assessment Answer

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BUS101 Business Communication

BUS101 business communication is specifically meant to address the essential aspect or skills that are actually required in designing the organizational documents and establishing a sound protocol for the overall internal business communication process so that the basic standards and expectations are met. The whole concept of business communication has been divided into various segments that integrate the theoretical knowledge and understanding of the whole system as well as focuses on the practical implementation of the same.

BUS101 is directed towards helping the students understand the core concepts of how effective business communication can be designed in order to help the students in their future professional negotiations and undertakings. Saylor Academy has designed this specific course keeping in mind the needs and demands of the professionals in a real-world business setting so that in the near future when the students successfully complete this course and step into the professional world they are actually aware of the theories, concepts, and ideas related to establishing a successful communication setting.

The course is specifically meant to help the students or future industry entrants understand the necessity of building a successful business communication setting that can actually help the organization build a positive relationship with its internal as well as external stakeholders. The reason to build this course for both the undergraduate as well as in post-graduate levels is that the intensity and the gravity of the discussion would be different for these two levels.

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The aspect of business communication is actually very vital when it comes to organization’s overall success, hence for the undergraduate level the discussion will actually be entry-level and very basic while for the master’s level the course structure will be more critical in nature.

Hence the aim of this course is to provide specific clarity to the students on how business communication is quite distinct in comparison to other types of formal and informal communication and how its specificities are important to be taken into concern for its success

Unit Details:

The unit is very strategically designed in order to ensure that the students get equal exposure to the theoretical concepts associated with business communication as well as understand the practical implementation of the same. The course comprises 6 different units where six different types of topics are meant to be discussed. The focus is primarily given on helping the students understand the minute details of preparing a proper business communication plan as well as helping them sharpen their oral and written communication skills.

The course unit will primarily address the essential aspects of public relations, corporate communication along with marketing communication that will altogether enable the student to gradually understand the whole aspect of business communication.

The units are designed in such a manner that it will enable the students to explore the realms of oral as well as written communication and is divided into several sections for easy understanding. From addressing the essentials and core concepts of business communication to helping the students write a press release.

The BUS101 course units are very thoughtfully planned in order to avoid the students feeling stressed or too occupied with the theories. The scope of practical implementation of the concepts has also been a central focus on the course unit design and this is exactly the reason that there are ample amount of practical sessions, projects, and class presentations to help break the usual monotony of theoretical learning.


Saylor Academy under Saylor Foundation in the USA

Study Level:

Undergraduate or bachelor's degree/ Postgraduate or Master’s Degree

Unit Code

BUS101 business communication

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Brief of BUS101 Assessment:

The course assessment as already mentioned can be identified in different units where each unit addresses individual topics that altogether will help the student better understand the conceptual and theoretical implications of business communication. For instance, the first unit is basically meant for understanding the whole concept of business communication and why it is important while the next unit is mainly focused on understanding how efficiently messages can be delivered that in turn can ensure effective business communication.

The next unit will basically focus on the aspect of the audience that is for whom the business communication is been undertaken or the recipient of the message that is been communicated. Then the next few units will be primarily dedicated to helping the students understand how to increase their efficiency in business writing that is by developing memos, email writing or through press releases. Along with this, this unit will also discuss the necessity of how delivering an effective business presentation is also a very important part of ensuring a successful business communication plan.

Lastly, the unit will also discuss the concept of crisis communication and how important it is for the business organization to include a proper crisis communication plan in their business communication setting. For a better understanding of this particular unit, students will be assigned different group projects along with period classroom discussions.

The students in this course unit will be marked upon their theoretical knowledge along with practical exposure and their understanding of the concepts. The focus would be on developing a holistic assessment structure that will enable the students to completely understand the different concepts and aspects related to business communication and how it can be practically implemented in a real business setting.

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Weightage of the BUS101 Course:

BUS101 business communication is a full-time degree course that will actually demand the students to secure more than 60% marks in order to enable them to pass the semester and qualify for the next semester. The practical examination carries more than 30% weightage while the theoretical examination holds the rest 70% and for allowing the students to qualify for the next semester it is actually important for them to at least secure the basic pass marks that confirm them for the eligibility criteria of the university.  

This is a full-time course proposed by the university which demands the students to regularly attend the lectures and secure the basic percentage of grades to get promoted to the next semester in each academic year. If you find difficulty in the BUS101 assessment task then can help you with this. we have a team of professional writers who can help you with your BUS101 assessment answers.

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