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BMO6630 Business Research Methods Assessment Answers

BMO6630 Assignment Answers

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BMO6630 Task Answers

BMO6630 course code has the main purpose of assisting students with finding as well as understanding the research methods associated with businesses along with the processes of research that are undertaken during the conduction of research. During this course, instructions are provided to the students, which enables them to undertake and perform literature reviews in an effective as well as efficient manner. Students are furthermore instructed about different methods and procedures related to research methodologies along with the significance of ethical considerations during the process of research.

In addition to this, appropriate methods related to the research of different types are evaluated during this course. The students are also provided with training about presentations of all the results that are evaluated by them after the conduction of research, along with an exposition of several procedures and processes as well as methods that are undertaken during research and how the conclusions must be drawn.

BMO6630 course code is associated with Victoria University situated in Australia. Students who are pursuing post-graduation can avail this course code that provides specifications in the field of research undertaken for the benefit of businesses.

There are several learning outcomes, which are expected to be gained by the students after the completion of this course code. The different types of outcomes that shall be gained after the completion of the whole unit includes the ability to review, analyzing and at the same time critique knowledge that are based pin discipline within businesses.

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In addition to the same, the students gain evaluation of organization for the purpose of identifying as well as interrogating the complex issues that are being faced by them along with the development of broad perspectives about discipline for research. The students shall also gain knowledge and skill for critically reviewing basic aspects associated with the construction of research along with evaluation as well as the demonstration of discipline, which is relevant for the purpose of applying in research terminology.

The students further will learn the skill for justifying the usage of methodologies associated with research that shall be further relevant with examples related to business as well as social investigations of research. Skills associated with conceptually mapping processes of research is also achieved by the students, and they are eventually able to identify issues or problems related to the research along with the development of a conceptual framework relevant for the purpose of research.

Students also get capable of conducting critical reviews on the basis of the output of research gained. In addition to the same, they gain the ability to discriminate between different theories on the basis of their relevancy with limitations as well as the applicability of the same upon experiments, surveys and research-based upon case studies.

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Thus, it is evaluated that with the conduction of the BMO6630 assessment course code, proper knowledge in terms of research is gained by students. Research is essential for evaluating a certain issue and further conducting research upon the same for mitigating the issue. In addition to this, research helps other researchers too in the research work undertaken by them. The processes followed by students at the time of conducting research includes evaluation of the research problem along with its aim and objectives as well as the rationale of the research.

Additionally, students conduct a literature review in a systematic manner from the existing research works of other researchers for analyzing the viewpoints as well as perspectives of different authors. Furthermore, the methodology is evaluated during the process of research. The method used at the time of conducting research, along with the research approach and data analysis techniques, are also evaluated during this course code. Limitations associated with research, along with ethical considerations, are also evaluated by students undertaking this course code. Students also gain the knowledge and skill of developing a timeline for research by making use of appropriate tools for the same.

The different benefits that shall be gained by the students after the completion of this course code are that the students can strengthen any business they hold. In addition to the same, risks that can take place during the process of undertaking a business can be minimized, and potential threats can be identified by the students at an early stage. Furthermore, in case any students aim at carrying out their own business after the completion of this course, then they can gain the benefit of discovering their competitors along with the strengths as well as weaknesses posed by them.

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Strategic planning capability is also gained by the students from this course, and students can stay at the topmost position if they hold any business firm after the completion of this course study. Finally, the other advantages that will be gained by the students include providing projection of revenues, focusing upon the requirements of businesses and gaining success in businesses by setting a benchmark for all the competitors.

Victoria University provides the benefit of this course code for the students who are aiming at pursuing a career in the fields of research. All the students eligible for post-graduation can gain the facility of availing of this course and excel in research methods.

Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: BMO6630

Brief of Assessment:

Different types of assessments are provided during the BMO6630 course. The assessment type includes a literature review as well as structured abstract. In addition to the same, the students are required to undertake assessments related to the development of the questionnaire along with administration and piloting. The students also undertake reports along with research proposals and research reports.

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Weightage of the BMO6630 Course Code in the Semester:

The overall weightage of the BMO6630 course code is 100%, and different assessment types hold different weightage. The literature review assessment mainly holds a weightage of 30% from the overall weightage of the BMO6630 course code. The other assessment types, such as questionnaire development, administration and piloting, hold a total of 40%, and report holds 30%.

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