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Crafting A Meaningful Eulogy That Will Truly Be Remembered- Guidelines + Examples

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 John Millar   July 19, 2022  Writing Service


When a loved one passes away, we desire to pay tribute to their life in a meaningful way. Honoring their cherished memories and accomplishments is a significant part of grieving. 'Writing a eulogy' is an outstanding way to share these pivotal moments with the people who loved the departed.

But, how to distill a lifetime of memories and experiences into a 10-15 minutes eulogy? Eulogies are a 'once-in-a-lifetime' events that can provide many the jitters- on top of feelings of loss and grief. There prevails the pressure to captivate the essence of a person's loss and help alleviate the grief of near ones.

Eulogies can be difficult to craft, but with care, penning a remarkable one can be a worthwhile experience. Today’s well-detailed post aims to walk you through certain time-tested guidelines that will answer all your queries like 'how to write a eulogy’ or ‘how long should a eulogy be.' Reading this post will help you overcome all the obstacles and write an exemplary eulogy that creates the perfect tribute.

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The Significance Of A Eulogy

If you do not have a lucid idea of 'what is a eulogy', know giving a eulogy implies you're sharing a remembrance speech to pay tribute to a loved one. This speech is usually given at the funeral or memorial service by a close friend or family member.

Eulogies provide those in attendance with a brilliant chance to recall the departed's achievements, character, and legacy. In doing so, it pays tribute to them through cherished memories and offers solace for mourners as they bid adieu to their loved ones.

The Crucial Aspects Of A Good Eulogy

Now that you 'what does eulogy mean', it’s time to take a close look at the crucial elements of a good eulogy.

A strong eulogy shares the person's life milestones and influence and tends to illuminate their personality through storytelling. It should highlight the lasting impact of the person on his/her family and community. Through your speech, you'll have the perfect opportunity to share their unique qualities and the ripple effect of positive they had in the world around them.

How Long Should A Eulogy Be?

The deep love and loss you hold for someone who has passed cannot fit into a eulogy. Most eulogies are usually 5-10 minutes long, and it can be a real-life challenge to fit someone's whole life story in that period.

Although there isn't a hard time limit, being concise help in holding the listeners' attention and provides time for other parts of the service.

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How To Write A Meaningful Eulogy?

Know there is no right or wrong way to draft a eulogy. If you’ve been chosen to deliver one, you were picked because of your meaningful connection to the departed and your spectacular storytelling abilities. Ensure to have confidence in yourself throughout the process- and if you start feeling nervous, depend on the memories you have with your loved ones to guide you.

Let’s now take a look at the essential steps to comprehend how to write a memorable eulogy-

  • Choose The Tone

If you are baffled by the thought of how to even start a eulogy, know it is first significant to determine the tone in which you want to give your speech. Try to consider your audience and your relationship with the deceased.

Like, the eulogy for a young child may be extremely different from that of an elderly person who has passed away under completely different circumstances.

  • Introduce Yourself

Then start by introducing yourself. Of course, this step is only necessary if the officiant hasn't introduced you to the crowd.

Do not consider everyone knows who you are. Perhaps the attendees know you’re one of the sons, but they don’t know which one. Regardless, tell the audience your name and your relationship with the deceased.

  • Gather Memories

Begin by reminiscing about the person who you are eulogizing. Think about what made them unique or defined them as a person. These can be big personality traits or even small quirky details. Also, consider your relationship with the person. As you start reminiscing, jot down anything that comes to your mind.

Reach out to family members, friends, or peers and ask them to share their memories. They can help fill the gaps in your memory, confirm the key details, or offer a fresh perspective on the deceased's life. Together, these shared memories will help you in 'writing a brilliant eulogy'.

  • Establish A Theme

Begin thinking about how the anecdotes might fit together. Various themes may begin to surface. Often, the theme of the eulogy is a way to tie together some of the best stories, images, and impressions from your sessions into a unified piece.

Like, you can start by reflecting on some of the serious passions that were crucial to the person you are eulogizing and include some humorous stories. Or, you can choose to set the eulogy up by asking a question or narrating a story that you believe sums up the life of the person you are writing about.

  • Craft An Outline

Creating a written outline can help organize what you'll say. The best way to organize a chronology is to incorporate a chronological or reverse chronological, by topic or by overriding theme.

  • Conclude The Eulogy

If you do not have a lucid idea of how to end a eulogy, know closing of the eulogy must include the reading of a poem, song lyrics or verse, or an expression of gratitude for your loved ones. It can also highlight the key sentiment you'd like your attendees to remember about the departed.

  • Refine And Edit

Now that you have completed writing a eulogy read your work out loud. This will offer you a feel for how the eulogy will flow and how it will sound when you deliver it. Add, reduce, and rearrange the wording as you go.

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Examples of Best Eulogy Speeches

The strongest eulogies are sincere and reflect how the audience remembers the departed. Here, we have offered certain examples of best eulogy speeches that will offer you some direction for the speech you are about to write.

These examples will help lessen the burden of putting pen to pen and offer you the inspiration to start your collection of thoughts and ideas on what to say-

  • Oprah Winfrey’s eulogy for Rosa Parks.
  • 8-year old Bindi Irwin’s eulogy for her late father.
  • Earl Spencer’s eulogy for Princess Diana.

Final Thoughts,

Finally, know you don't have to be a seasoned writer to craft a strong eulogy. Follow your heart and your mind. The key is establishing a solid structure, sharing fond memories of your loved one, and striking a tone that celebrates their life.

It will end up being a combination of your energy, love, and dedication; people in the room can even sense that. In the end, a eulogy is a gift to the deceased, your loved ones in the audience, and you.

Further, eulogies can provide certain emotional closure and relief for others aside from yourself, which can be the best tribute of all.

If you are still facing difficulties writing a eulogy, you can seek assistance from the eminent stalwarts of With 1500+ deft and knowledgeable experts, we offer unmatched assistance for all kinds of speeches.

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