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Descriptive Writing

5 Methods To Create A Lasting Impression

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Descriptive Writing
 John Millar   Published On Dec 08, 2020 | Updated on Oct 05, 2023  Writing Service

An essential part of writing descriptive essays, or assignments that require vivid descriptions, of the places that you have visited, the foods you have tasted, the colourful scenes that you have seen, foods that you have tasted, and the movies/books you have watched/ read.

Descriptive writing is primarily considered as a piece of paper that has met the artistic ends through written words. While for college students, descriptive writing norms are often loosened, professional writers and bloggers have more parameters to meet.

If you ask, what is descriptive writing, there is no specific answer. Instead, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, prose poem, and memoir- everything is considered as descriptive writing. Descriptive writing has endless possibilities, and thus the message in writing may take as diverse and numerous turns. Your writing can have as many meanings as the more number of readers it has reached.   

Descriptive writing follows a pattern. Students and writers should know that just as the final write-up, the process of writing is equally important. Skills, strategies, description, and styles are the fundamentals of the writer’s personal toolbox to form excellent descriptive writing. One can argue that this is all, to some extent, effective across disciplines.

However, here we will focus on the tools that may be helpful specifically in creative writing. While it is necessary to be creative in descriptive writing, it is equally important to keep in mind the skills or techniques that can help the write-up stand apart and bring the most visibility.

In the following step, therefore, we are sharing a handful of descriptive writing tips for everyone who is struggling to form convincing writing. Read on-

Let’s get started

Given its open nature and breadth, creative writing can seem a bit overwhelming to even the most experienced writers. As you hit the search button of the internet for descriptive writing examples, you will find the maximum usage of the channels, also referred to as feeling, thinking, and observation.

However, the depth and width of descriptive writing also provide the students with the freedom to use the emotional response to things, or introspective look at whatever topic you have, from a philosophical or logical perspective.

Also, observations are considered as the most important of all the channels. Those fumbling with descriptive writing can make a major difference if their writing if they have observed a subject well. Observations count.

Add an opening line

If you are wondering how to be more descriptive in writing, here’s a tip. Go through a book, poem, or article that is relevant to your chosen topic. Pick a couple of sentences which can work as the ‘hook’ of the writing, and paste those inside quotation marks.

Now here’s a twist: if the hook or opening lines are strong enough, it will draw the readers’ attention in an instant. The readers will promptly get acquainted with the intriguing action taking place insider the write-up, and conclude with an equally powerful image that the writer indented to depict. Weaker opening lines are predictable. Stay away from those.

Make the write-up strong by taking away the best

There is no fixed rule or descriptive writing definition which can tell a new writer where they should emphasize the most curate a strong writing. While this brings in the freedom to the writer to describe as vividly they want to, there are also some drawbacks of the privilege.  

For a new writer or students who are allotted with descriptive writing assignments, developing a strong piece is difficult as they do not have any guidelines to follow. The freedom of writing is not for the inexperienced ones.

So one very successful descriptive writing technique is to remove the parts you feel is stronger than others. Once you begin the composition process--there is bound to be a sentence, paragraph, or stanza that inevitably becomes your favourite. This makes the other parts weaker.

An effective method is to delete the 'favorite' parts so that you can examine the remaining parts and see how you can make them as strong as the best one. While revising, you can put the previously erased parts back in to see if the price looks readable.

Leave the writing for a bit

Successful descriptive writing prompts from experts refer to leave the complete write-up for at least 48 hours before submission. Often termed as ‘the marinate process’, this phase of not writing, or thinking actively about the descriptive topic help writers see the assignment in new lights.

So, new writers, or even the experienced ones, find out mistakes and writing errors better. Often, the examples of descriptive writing will show that writers find new inspiration in the phase which can help the paper reach higher notches.

Details and concise content is the key

Every student-writer, when confused with ‘how to descriptive writing’, should know that more descriptions make the write better. Precise language usage is the difference between engaging, descriptive writing and a boring one.

If you ask, ‘what is the main purpose of descriptive writing’, it is the elaborate imageries that count. So, stay away from vague language, unnecessary concepts like intelligence, criticism, love, and anger, and abstractions like repetitive details. Try and write in a specific language and make the piece stronger.

Also, getting feedback from others, or developing the write-up as per the assignment requirements are some effective tips that students can follow. When you take up creative writing, assignments will be particular and ask students to write in specific manners, using particular techniques.

Hope these tips help you for better. Good luck.

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