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how to write a formal letter
 John  02 Apr, 2020  Wriitng Service

A complete guide on how to write a formal letter for students

We are living through an era of the internet when everything is easily accessible to us. Now, even though we rarely send hand-written letters to our loved ones, but these letters still hold some significance in case you’re trying to reach out to a higher authority with a complaint or a request. This is the major reason why academic institutions continue to encourage students to write formal letters. If you’re a student in need of some guidance with formal letter writing, then these insights might be beneficial. What is a formal letter? A formal letter may help elaborate on an enquiry, a complaint or a request for something that's meaningful to you. A formal letter generally addresses the higher authority with the purpose to come up with a solution. While writing a formal letter, you must make sure it's not personal and offensive. Also, make it short but not too short. Tell them what they need to know but not what you wanted to share. How to write a formal letter: A ste...

 John  25 Mar, 2020  Wriitng Service

Different Types Of Referencing Styles

Academic writing is exhausting; but do you know what’s even more tiring?Citing the sources of external references used in the paper.As a student, you may have already written numerous essays and assignments. So, it is safe to assume that you have a basic idea about what citation is. Still, let’s jog your memory.Referencing is a way of acknowledging your source in the body of the work as an in-text citation and linking those citations to the list of work cited – better known as reference list or bibliography.It means, every time you use any information from an external source, you need to acknowledge the source by citing the source within the text and linking it with the reference list. It should be easy, right?Well, the problem is – there are different types of referencing styles in practice, each of them with a unique set of guidelines. What Are the Different Types of Referencing Styles?  If you try to list down all the different types of referencing sty...

The Art Of Creative Writing
 John  11 Mar, 2020  Wriitng Service

The Art Of Creative Writing

For every student, creative writing is the need of the hour. In day to day life, students have to write multiple assignments. They have to be creative in each of them to make their submissions stand out from the rest. But the task is easier said than done. Creative writing goes beyond putting thoughts into words. It is more about weaving stories with the right words to touch human emotions. If you want to bring up the level of your creative writing skills, here is everything you need to know to think out of the box. Order Now What Is Creative Writing? Creative writing involves crafting a fictional piece that includes your imagination at its best. It can be used to express a fictional story, poetry, etc. A good creative piece can touch the innermost recesses of the human mind using literary devices like metaphors, similes and other such figures of speech. Types Of Creative Writing There are many varieties in this particular genre of writing. Here are some modes of creative writing:...

how to write a resignation letter
 John  04 Mar, 2020  Wriitng Service

Riveting Insights On How To Write A Resignation Letter

They say, in order to get somewhere in life, you must move on at the right time. But as you step into the professional sphere, you'll discover that putting down the resignation at your workplace is never easy. However, it’s also true that a respectful resignation letter can bring a world of difference between an awkward goodbye, and a chance of nurturing a long-term professional connection. In this case, you need to master how to write a resignation letter flawlessly. A basic resignation letter allows you to officially announce your termination at an organization, and also imparts other important information, like your last day and other details about your departure. Presenting a powerful resignation letter allows you to ensure a positive conversation with your superiors and a smooth transition to your next career endeavors. Let’s ponder over some more insights. How To Write A Resignation Letter For Work If you need more clarity on how to write a resignation letter for ...

Proofreading vs Editing
 John  16 Jan, 2020  Wriitng Service

Proofreading vs Editing

When we read an amazing piece of content, we praise the writer for his/her skills. However, we often miss the fact that it's the editing skill of an individual, which makes the content flawless. This is the reason why most students are asked to proofread their assignments before submitting. But do you know that proofreading and editing are not the same things?Well, you are not the only person to get confused between proofreading and editing. There are a number of people who also think they are the same. However, we have put together all the necessary information regarding the topic to help you understand the difference between proofreading and editing. Here’s the proofreading vs. editing overview. What is proofreading and editing? Before we go into the deeper analysis of proofreading vs. editing, it is crucial to understand what is what. Proofreading: Proofreading is a practice that allows you to identify all errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. It also allows yo...


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