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How Many Intakes Do Universities in the USA Offer?
 Rakesh  25 Apr, 2022  Student Guide

Intakes to Study in USA

At most American universities, the academic year is divided into two intakes, Fall and Spring. Unlike in India, American universities operate on a bi-semester system, with each semester comprising two weeks. The majority of courses begin during the Fall semester. Certain exceptions apply, and some coursework accepts applications for the Spring term as well. A Fall semester runs from September to December, while a Spring semester runs from January to May. Often, the semester available is not a choice, as the majority of popular and significant courses begin only in the Fall semester. The Fall semester is so popular because so many scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available during this semester. Which Season to Choose for Intake: Fall or Spring? If you want to begin your research in the Fall semester, you should begin in April. Then, by June, you should be finished with the admissions exams. During the remaining months, you can devote some time to essay writing, statem...

How Many Hours Can I Work While Studying In The USA On An F1 Visa?
 Rakesh  01 Apr, 2022  Student Guide

How Many Hours Can I Work While Studying In The USA On An F1 Visa?

Everyone knows that university tuition in the United States is very expensive. Fees and living expenses at some of the best universities in the United States can exceed US$60,000 per year. As a result of this fact, many international students are forced to work part-time in order to fund their learning and living expenses. Of course, working part-time should not be solely motivated by financial necessity. It can be beneficial for any student, as it will aid in the development of a strong résumé and experience in your field of study. However, you must keep in mind that the US government takes illegal employment very seriously, and violating the rules will result in complications that may jeopardize your student status or even result in deportation. However, this aspect doesn’t deter you from working during your study years, and we will assist you in learning the fundamentals of the work authorization process. What Opportunities are Available to you if you Have an F...

 Rakesh  30 Mar, 2022  Essay

Tips To Writing Outstanding Scholarship Essays

Scholarships are much-coveted treasures by any student. Doled out to only a select few, an applicant must showcase everything that makes them different and deserving of such a privilege. Among the many critical factors involved, the scholarship essay is one of the most crucial ones. Writing an excellent scholarship essay boosts one’s chances of grabbing a scholarship and elevates the candidate’s credibility & reputation. Scholarship essays, much like college application essays, help the authorities understand the person behind the application. A well-written scholarship essay must highlight what makes an applicant stand out from the crowd. And, it falls upon the writer/applicant to use these essays to showcase their uniqueness, be it some skills, ideas, mindset, perspectives, etc. Writing an outstanding scholarship essay is not always easy. This write-up takes you through the motions and offers some potent tips for crafting a perfect write-up. Need Help With Scho...