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How to Write a Response Paper
 John  24 Sep, 2020  Wriitng Service

How to Write a Response Paper

The students are the ones who had to face this problem in their every semester as they are asked to read one book or one article which must be related to the academic of the semester and then provide or record their reaction and response over the material. Here the instructor would expect you to do two things mainly, one is summarize the whole material and the other is to record the reaction is the paper. Here are the following steps which will help the student with how to write a response paper: Step 1 – summarizing the whole work For developing the initial part of the report here are some the steps which will help thoroughly: It is important to identify the author along with the title of the work, here this will also include parentheses and the publisher name with publishing date as well. If it is a magazine then the date of publishing must be provided. Writing a proper and informative summary of the material which you read. Condensing the overall content by utilizin...

Objective vs. Subjective
 John  21 Sep, 2020  Assignment

Differences between Objective & Subjective

The difference between objective and subjective is important in English grammar. These two words, objective and subjective, are totally opposite in meaning. This is based on the point of views which often determines the type of writing in a prose. While subjective is based on personal opinions or views, objective is based on facts. In other words, subjective is influenced by personal feelings, while objective is influenced by facts only. The differences along with the definitions are explained below. Objective: Objective statements always give the facts. An objective implies a goal, but being objective implies that the person is unbiased. Hence, if a person is objective about something, then it can be inferred that the person does not have any personal feelings about the thing. In English grammar, the word ‘objective’ is related to the object of a sentence. Therefore, when an objective opinion is needed, it indicates that an unbiased and fact based opinion is required fo...

Correlational Research
 John  19 Sep, 2020  Wriitng Service

Correlational Research

Correlational Research Correlational research is the kind of non-experimental research method in which researcher measures the two variables, assesses and understands the statistical relationship between them with no influence from any of the extraneous variable. It is the type of descriptive research. Characteristics of Correlational Research There are three main characteristics of the correlational research, which are as follows: Backward-Looking: The correlational research looks back at the historical data and observes the past events. It is used by the researcher for measuring and spotting the historical patterns between the two variables. The study of correlation may indicate a positive relationship between the two variables; however, it can change in the future. Non-Experimental: The correlational research study is the non-experimental research. This means that the researchers are not required to manipulate the variables with the scientific variables for agreeing and disag...

A Complete Guide for Social Media Essay Writing
 John  09 Sep, 2020  Essay

Social Media Essay

On today's date, it is hard to find a person who does not have a social media account. The availability of cheaper smartphones and affordable internet packages has made it easier for everyone to remain active on social media platforms. But when it comes to writing a social media essay, students often find themselves in a pickle. To draft an impressive piece on social media essay topics, you need to put in a lot of effort. Having a basic understanding of social media can undoubtedly help you in establishing cogent arguments in the essay. But if you want your essay on social media to stand out, you need to take several measures. How to Produce an Impressive Essay on Social Media? Writing a social media essay is not much different from writing any other kind of essay. Also, it is important to understand that social media essay is not a different kind of essay. It can be an argumentative, a persuasive, a narrative, or an analysis essay, as long as the topic is based on social media. To...

consequences of plagiarism
 John  05 Sep, 2020  Wriitng Service

Consequences of Plagiarism

Consequences of Plagiarism is vast to students as well as the parties who are directly or indirectly related to it. The plagiarism in the contents of assignment is considered as cheating. The students who does coping of works from other sources may be caught easily by evaluators. The students may face strict consequences for this conduct. The plagiarism is an act of offence in the eyes of the regulators and the head of the educational system. The students are expected to write their study related assignments with academic integrity. The assignments containing plagiarism may result in getting lower marks or even the failed assignments for students. It is also seen that the important exams of the universities provides penalties guidelines if the students are found creating plagiarism in their academic papers. The plagiarism which is conducted by the students may result in high consequences. The students may be suspended from their college and universities. The consequences are not only ...


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