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How to Cite a Poem
 John  23 Aug, 2021  Essay

How to Cite a Poem

Poetry is the artistic form of writing and is often used in essays and research papers by literature and language students. However, it is challenging to include poem quotes in your writing if you don't know how to cite a poem accurately.When you quote a poet in an essay, you must properly format the in-text citation and quotation to help your grader find the correct source of the cited quote. In this guide, you will how to cite a poem in MLA along with necessary citing requirements. How to Cite a Poem in MLA – Guidelines & Examples The formatting guidelines of citing a poem vary by the source of the poem. You may have basic questions like - do you put poem titles in quotes or how to write the title of a poem in an essay. Hence to answer how to write the title of a poem in MLA, here’s what you must remember:In MLA, titles of books, websites, films, plays, and databases are italicized. They are only placed in quotes if it is a part of a larger work. Furthermore, poems,...

When To Use Semicolons, Colons, And Dashes
 John  18 Aug, 2021  Wriitng Service

When To Use Semicolons, Colons And Dashes

Punctuations are not as easy as they seem; even experts falter while applying punctuations like a colon (:), semicolon (;), or dash (—). If you follow the rules, the process can be straightforward, especially in academic writing. However, if you make mistakes like putting a comma between two distinct clauses, it will confuse and frustrate the reader. When to Use a Semicolon Use a semicolon in a sentence when you want to keep two distinct yet closely related ideas in a single sentence. You can also use semicolons for lining up complex ideas or phrases that have commas within them. You may call a semicolon to be a more meaningful comma or a less rigid colon. For example: If you want to use two or more ideas of equal rank in a sentence: The universe has pointed out to human beings: there cannot be an added frontier than the universe If you want to join two separate clauses conjoined by adverbs or transitional phrases: Sam thought Tom was inviting him to go out for a mo...

How to use commas
 John  11 Aug, 2021  Wriitng Service

How to use commas

Even expert writers struggle with the positioning of commas. In theory, everyone knows what a comma is and the purpose it is used for. It’s a pause between fragments of a sentence. In practice, it is undoubtedly a challenging affair to figure out where commas actually exist. The below-mentioned guide will help you to understand how to use commas in the right fashion. When You Should Use Commas The below-mentioned comma rules will give you a clear idea of its proper usage. Have a look at the most familiar cases where commas always gain the upper hand: a) With parenthetical elements or interrupters In simple terms, interrupters are thoughts inserted in the middle of a statement to convey an emotion or add emphasis. A parenthetical element injects extra information into the sentence but can be removed without altering the meaning. You should always use commas to set off both. For example Whatever the situation I will go to Delhi (incorrect). Whatever the situation, I will go t...

Theme Examples On Literature
 John  26 Jul, 2021  Wriitng Service

Theme Examples On Literature

Every story has a particular theme. Some common theme examples in literature are love, evil, perseverance, etc. whether it is a fictional story or a real-life experience, every story follows a particular theme.  So today, we are going to explore some of the best types of story writing  themes, along with examples. Coming of Age The coming of age theme has been becoming very popular nowadays. Earlier, these themes in books were considered only for children. But now it is employed for adult stories too. This follows the main protagonist and their journey from birth to adulthood and their growth influenced by the circumstances. Some example of themes related to coming of age are:- The perks of being a sunflower:- This is a movie and novel written and directed by Stephen Chbosky. It is about a boy, Charlie going through adulthood and watching life from a distance until he meets two friends and understands the real meaning of life. Little women:- written by Louisa M...

How To Capitalize Title
 John  13 Jul, 2021  Wriitng Service

How To Capitalize Title

Capitalization is one of the most basic and significant elements of writing any academic assignment. Effective title capitalization helps retain the readers' attention when writing academic tasks. Hence, learning about the proper capitalization of titles is essential for readers and writers. In this case, the rules may come across as complex, but most of the capital words fall under just a few big-picture categories. Once you understand these categories, the titles of your academic papers will be easier to follow. Now, let’s ponder over the right ways to use capitalization in titles. The rules of capitalization in titles 1. You can capitalize words with more than five letters and longer (In case of book titles) Even if some of the words are prepositions or conjunctions, which aren’t generally capitalized, they should be capitalized if they are five letters or more. Sometimes the authors follow the citation styles, which come with exceptions to this rule. For instance,...




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