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 John  15 Mar, 2022  Essay

80+ Unique Topics To Inspire Argumentative Essay Writing

At some point in your academic journey, you're going to be assigned an argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is exactly what it sounds like- a kind of essay in which you'll be making an argument, making use of examples and research to back up your point. However, not all argumentative essay topics can be crafty equally. It is crucial to not only have your essay structure right to have a brilliant impact on the readers, but even your choice of subject can impact how your readers feel about your work. An outstanding argumentative topic sparks your interest and provides you with plenty of room for persuasive writing. Hot argument topics always tend to leave people with a new opinion, perspective, and a strong appreciation for your writing skill. To get you started, we have prepared an extensive list of compelling argumentative essay topics to help you think. With these fantastic topics at your disposal, you’ll be all geared to create a strong and compelling essay that will s...

 John  12 Mar, 2022  Student Guide

Top 5 courses in the USA to build a fulfilling career

Almost every student faces confusion about which career path is appropriate for them. Meanwhile, the USA has become a popular career hub for many international students. It's because of the advanced tech infrastructure that provides students better assignment help to build a career in the States. Although 2021 has welcomed several new opportunities, you need to figure out which falls into your domain. To do so, you can go through the ideas mentioned below to help yourself. Courses to help you have a better and more intelligent career in the USA - Engineering One of the most popular degrees, Engineering is in high demand all over the world. Most international students have opted for various engineering programs from the past few years as they provide employment guarantees. Therefore, the US engineering programs are more sought-after courses by engineering aspirants worldwide. Other careers include engineering writing services, where students enhance their writing skills th...

What Pre-College or Summer Programs in the USA Offer Scholarships?
 John  03 Mar, 2022  Student Guide

What Pre-College or Summer Programs in the USA Offer Scholarships?

Earning a scholarship is a dream come true for many students. But they first have to find the proper universities to help them get one. So, the next question is where to get a scholarship in the US? Which summer program can look good on your resume? Where to obtain writing help in the USA for my papers? In this post, we will discuss the pre-college programs that deliver scholarships in the US. Searching for High-Quality Assignment Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Venues in the United States that Provide Summer Scholarship Programs Now, let us see some institutions that offer summer scholarship programs to students: 1. Washington University (St. Louis) High school students can take advantage of their summer vacation and learn about professional communications and business. Their hybrid business fundamentals program, Gateway to Business, exposes high-school students to professional communications and commerce. The initiative helps pupils taste teamwork skill...

 John  28 Feb, 2022  Student Guide

10 Concrete Tips To Balance A Part-Time Job And School

Is it possible to balance a part-time job and school? It’s not uncommon for many students to work a part-time job while pursuing an education. However, working part-time and juggling a full load at school can be challenging, even for the strongest multitasker. It takes a lot of self-discipline to balance school and a full-time job, but most college students do work and study simultaneously.  To ensure you have the tools and resources to both meet your financial needs excel in your college courses and, consider the following 10 tips for balancing school and work: 1. Choose a Job That Offers Flexibility Working the night shift in a restaurant can be physically and emotionally draining. Instead, find a job that offers the flexibility you need, perhaps allowing you to work late afternoons and weekends when you're not in school. However, it is never mandatory to work in a restaurant; you can even do an internship in a multinational financial organization that allows emp...

 John  23 Feb, 2022  Student Guide

Intakes to Study in the USA

Fall intake is the primary in the United States. That's why students worldwide look for applying at this peak time. Moreover, preparing how to move ahead for studying in the US can be somewhat confusing for multiple intakes, cost of living, different admission procedures of various universities, among other factors. The US has three inputs: Spring, Summer, and Fall. You will gradually understand how to plan through the detailed steps below-  All About September Intake in the US Here are all the essential details about the Fall/September 2022 intake in the US: Students can explore more part-time on-campus work opportunities and more teacher assistants or research jobs in the US. Post-study work options are available for students who start their programs in the Fall of the coming year. Class sizes for the Fall intake are usually more prominent than the Spring or Summer intake.   Step-1 Guide for September Intake in the US Now, let us dive into the timeline for the ...