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 Jessica Moore  15 Jun, 2022  Case Study

Tips You Must Follow for an Absolute Case Study

Writing case studies is a skill only a few writers hold on to. If you are struggling to put your arguments into a structure, you first need to figure out the objective of your case study. What is a case study? If you are a beginner, the case study definition is the first thing you must know. Hence, here it is - A case study is a comprehensive study of a single person, group, location, event, organization, or phenomena. You can use case studies to describe, compare, evaluate, and comprehend various elements of any event, issue, business, product, etc. Now, when you are assigned a case study, it's time to dig out the unknown and give the case a new angle. But before that, go through the below pointers, which you can add to your case study format - Need for Pocket Friendly Case Study Writing Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Prepare the groundwork Suppose you are working on a case study for a company, understand the goods or services being sold, and ...

 Jessica Moore  04 Jun, 2022  Research Topics

40 Science research paper topics for college students

Do you often freeze after getting an assignment to write down a research paper? Does your mind become blank and you are not able to decide a topic? We can understand that it becomes very difficult to choose a particular topic from the ocean. However, do not worry we have made an ultimate list of research topics on science for college students. Here we have a list of political science, computer science, social science, and biological science topics. There is no need to look through tons of outdated topics as here is a better alternative available for you. So, instead of worrying, give some rest to your brain and enjoy! Searching for Pocket Friendly Research Paper Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Contents Importance of research Political science research topics Computer science research topics Social science research topics Biological science research topics Conclusion  Importance of research Before knowing the i...

 Jessica Moore  30 May, 2022  Writing Service

A Comprehensive Guide to Using the MLA Format

Most students in the field of humanities do not know how to use the MLA format guides properly, thus receiving poor grades. So, it is time to brush up your basic knowledge of the MLA format to ace your field of humanities. The MLA format guideline more was created for all sub disciplines falling under liberal arts and humanities by the Modern Language Association (MLA). Therefore, practically every writer should be familiar with the fundamentals of the MLA format rule. Before you know the tricks to formatting a research paper or assignment in MLA style, let us know a brief overview about the evolution of the MLA format. Need Help With MBA Format? Place your Assignment order to get a custom answer Order Now A Brief Overview of the MLA Format The MLA or Modern Language Association was initially created for students, intellectuals, and researchers interested in literature and language. It instructs them on formatting their work consistently and uniformly. Other f...

 Jessica Moore  16 May, 2022  Writing Service

20 Psychological Research Topics

The first crucial step to writing any psychology research paper is finding some good psychological research topics that will immediately capture your reader's attention. Sometimes, choosing the right topic feels more challenging than the task of writing the paper. However, a wrong choice can lead to complete disaster. Why is Choosing Psychological Research Paper Topics So Hard? Your choice of a psychological research topic determines the quality of writing and the grades you can expect. First, however, it is vital to remember a few points before you go ahead to choose any topic: Need Pocket Friendly Psychology Research Paper Help? Get $20 Signup Bonus Order Now Pick something you’re personally interested in– Unless you have any interest in exploring your chosen topic, you’ll lose enthusiasm to write the paper pretty quickly. Choose a manageable topic – Your deadlines won't extend themselves if you pick a topic that might take years to r...

 Jessica Moore  11 May, 2022  Writing Service

12 Key Differences Between Qualitative and Quantitative Data

Researching is one of the vital cogs in the wheel in today’s world. Researching is widely used to brush up on one’s knowledge. In addition, research has a wide area of implementation. We can use it in marketing, sociology, business, science & technology, psychology, economics, and many more. There are two standard research methods – Qualitative research Quantitative research While qualitative research relies on spoken or written data, quantitative research relies more on logical and statistical observations to draw conclusions. Although there are a few similarities between qualitative and quantitative research, both have a scale to it, or both are used in statistical or research analysis. Yet, the number of differences between qualitative and quantitative research is greater in number. Here we will discuss what is qualitative and quantitative research? What is the difference between qualitative vs. quantitative research methods? We will also take an in-d...