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BIZ202 Commercial Banking And Finance Assessment Answer

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BIZ202 Commercial Banking And Finance

The unit explains the major risk and issuers faced by the Australian Financial Institution in the global environmental context. The tops explain and introduce the Australian banking environment and performance of Banks, banking risk performance including liquidity, interest rate risk, capital, and credit. It also explains the loan pricing management of liability, the inadequacy of capital, and management of the investment. 

Unit details:-

Location:- Australia

Study level:- Undergraduate

Unit code:- BFF2401 

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Brief of BIZ202 Assessment:

The BIZ202 Assessment is offering two On-compass semesters for students in the location of Caulfield. For the purpose to be successful in the Unit students needs to have the required knowledge and application in mathematics equivalent to the VCE years 12 levels. Students either can complete prerequisite units or cover necessary is in their final years of secondary studies. Before enrolling in the course it is advised to the students they need to self-assess their mathematical ability for the study. The faculty of the course is the Faculty of Business and Economics. The department that looks after the closure is the department of Banking and Finance.  The course has some specific learning outcomes.

BIZ202 helps to assess the potential risks and the requirement faced by the banks and to manage these factors to operate globally and manage their financial activity smoothly. It will help the students to provide knowledge to manage risk in banking and finance to manage them. In addition, it also provides students knows how to manage and access qualitative and quantitative data and also understand their characteristics.

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It provides them with the appropriate data that helps them to analyze the financial information are reach their target on time. It provides knowledge of assets and liability management. The assets and liability management framework provides knowledge on the profitability and the long-term viability framework of the bank. Across various timezone, it also provides the idea of maturity matching. Financial businesses frequently decide which clients will be granted credit and which assets will be added to or deleted from the banking institution's portfolio.

It also provides information about the derivative contract non-market related contact for the financial institutions. It is necessary to know these and have a depth idea of these activities to run the banking and financial institutions run smoothly. Implementing the Basel regulatory framework as it was conceived in Australia, but coming from the Basel Committee on a worldwide scale. The focus of the course is to cover all the topics clearly and communicate effectively to all students. It provides the solution to all students that helps to m manage the banking and financial institute risk and activities deal with individual summative assessment tasks and conduct a comprehensive understanding.

It is a complete package that enhances the knowledge of the students with active learning and peer-assisted learning. The coursework related to commercial banking and finance will help to develop knowledge regarding assets and liability management. It will increase the knowledge regarding how much finding is related to the liability and the mix of liabilities. The strategy defines the target of the assets. It provides the information for capital management that helps to settle the equity capital.  The study related to the banking and financial world and the history and knowledge related to the development of Australian baking.

It will define its growth, ups and downs, policy and regulation, changes, financial crisis, and all. Apart from that kit also analyze the impact of the global financial market and its impact on the Australian commercial banking and financial market to define its relationship. The analysis of the global financial crisis and its impact on the economy is also provided by the course to enhance the knowledge and conduct in-depth research in the field. The purpose of the course is to identify each risk potential areas that will make people aware and help them to take effective decisions and improve the banking system.

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The impact of the Global financial market analysis by the course such as the time rate of interest increase and the availability of funding reduces then banks tend to provide lends to each other.  The impact of globalization spread rapidly from the US market to other financial centers. In the market, the short-term finance availability increased and the market of securitization closed. The risk of liquidity, the risk of default, and loan portfolio risk all are explained and specifically data provided so that knowledge can be improved and can apply it practically at the time of making banking and financing decisions.

The decision related to lending and its importance also provide as the management of lending and decision regarding credit is crucial to the bank's performance. It also has an impact on the value of shareholders. It has a significant impact on the profitability of banks. In the world economy and domestic, it is crucial. In the portfolio of loans, the major lending categories are personal loans, business loans, and institutional.

Weightage of this BFF2401 Course Code in Semester?

The course is valuable and of utmost importance for the students as it helps to gather the current and practical information related to Australian as well as global banking and finance. With the help of the analysis, information, guidance, and learning materials one can enhance knowledge and improve their risk management skills. Banking is the backbone of a strong economy and without having the proper knowledge and the skills of risk management in the banking and financing field it is not possible to manage banking activities. The courses help to gather data related to risk management, assets and liability management, funding, derivative contract, and others. It communicates the solution clearly and effectively helps to develop understanding logically and improve the activities to manage the issue related to Commercial banking and finance. Investment management and loan pricing knowledge are also provided in the course. It is a must-do course that is essential for the economy and that improves the banking and financing condition.

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