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BIZ201 Accounting for Decision Making Assessment Answer

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BIZ201 Accounting for Decision Making

The assignment BIZ201 is based on accounting for decision making and students need to solve it to improve their application and understanding of decision making through the accounting process. In this assignment, a case study is provided regarding Crystal Hotel Pty Ltd with its organizational structure describing all the departments. In the assignment, the student has been offered an internship opportunity as a group to show their skills and how they could be of benefit to the organization.

At the end of the internship, there may be an employment opportunity for the members of the group. The student needs to choose as a group for taking an opportunity for the internship in the Sales and Marketing Department or Functions and Events Department. Based on the choice, the student needs to complete the section of the assessment related to the department that has been selected.

In task 1, The manager would like to know whether it would be better for the Hotel to buy the required equipment or to rent it. The student needs to explore both options and make a recommendation by applying proper accounting techniques and calculations.

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In task 2, the student needs to calculate the net present value of the external membership project over the next 3 years period. The estimated cost of capital for the hotel is 8%. Assume 30% company tax in Australia when determining the values of the after-tax net cash flow for each year. Based on your analysis the student has to present a recommendation to the manager regarding the plan.

In task 3, the given task is to choose suitable promotional activities from the list provided for creating a promotional budget for the Crystal Hotel Wellness Centre opening. Using the budget template provided in the excel file, appropriate adjustment needs to be made. Using Excel formulas, the student needs to calculate the values and the final budget is to be included in the business report as well.

In task 4, the student has to carry out a CVP analysis based on the expertise for individual promotion. The student has to follow all the important task provided in task 4 and solve it by applying suitable methods for completing the given assignment.

BIZ201 is the assignment course of Laureate International Universities.  The university provides this degree course for domestic and international students to nurture them with the best organizational skills and make them industry-ready for better job opportunities and better growth and development.

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The Laureate International Universities is a leading international network of the university that provides higher education across the world. Australia has been an integral location for setting up a university and thus Laureate International Universities had planned to set up in Australia. There are 75 institutions around the world and among them, Laureate has opened Australia’s first private university after 20 years by partnering with Torrens university which is located in Southern Australia. Torrens University brings a career-focused and global perspective to Australia’s higher education. It is one of the fastest-growing universities in Australia where more than 90 percent of the student enroll immediately after completing their graduation.

 There are around 19000 students who are currently enrolled in the university across 115 different countries globally. Moreover, the university has contributed almost 1.2 billion dollars to Australia’s GDP and supported more than 2000 full-time equivalent full-time jobs from 2015 to 2018. The university provides multiple study courses from under graduation to post-graduation and in different modes, both on-campus and online, and a blend of two modes. Thus, making the university one of the most popular universities in Australia.

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Brief of BIZ201Assessment:

This assessment is aimed at consolidating knowledge from Modules 1-6. By prescribing the BIZ201 assessment, the student will be able to reflect on their understanding of the importance of financial information in business decision-making and be able to apply costing and capital budgeting techniques to business scenarios like those given in the case study.


  1. The facilitator needs to create a group of 2-3 students for this assignment. The assignment should be group work and one submission per group will be allowed. The members of the group need to be clearly stated in the business report.
  2. Two files need to be submitted are the excel workbook which includes calculations and the business report which summarises the task and recommendation. The workbook is attached under the assessment information section and it can be downloaded and worked upon it. All the calculations needed to be done in excel and only the tables need to be included in the report.
  3. A reference list needs to be included from sources like textbooks, websites, and other resources that will help in preparing the answer by the student.
  4. The student needs to show every task and work on it. The excel workbook has included all the formulas that students can apply to the assignment.
  5. The numerical numbers need to be rounded off to a maximum of two decimal places.
  6. The file should be submitted by the student following the certain rule which is –

        First Name_Last Name_BIZ201_Case_Study B_             Group_Assessment4_Workbook.xlsx

        First Name_Last Name_BIZ201_ Case_ Study B_Group_Assessment4_Report.doc

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Learning Outcomes

  1. The student needs to explain and evaluate the role and importance of financial information in business decision-making.
  2. The student needs to apply relevant accounting concepts to simple business scenarios.
  3. The student needs to apply basic costing and budgeting techniques to business decision-making.
  4. The student needs to apply capital budgeting techniques to capital investment scenarios.

Weightage of BIZ201 Course Code in the Semester

The total marks of the assignment are 100 and the weightage of the assignment is 40 %. It needs to be submitted by 11.55 pm at AEST at the end of Module 6, week 12. The total word count for the assignment is 2000 words and the assignment must follow all the criteria provided in the assignment brief. The paper needs to follow a proper referencing style as mentioned by the university and needs to be free from plagiarism. Any cases of plagiarism will not be tolerated and the student will be penalized for such behavior. The assignment needs to be submitted within the given deadline via Turnitin and no deliberate cases of late submission will be tolerated.

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